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  • So. After playing this game since release, it has caused me much grief to think the course that FPS games have taken.

    All the bigger franchises that were based purely in large world wars or conflicts, have slowly made a move to being much more modern, even futuristic. Silly Call of Duty is the main one. I miss Call of Duty 1 and 2 :( easily my most favourite, and the best in the franchise in my opinion.

    The relations to this game that they had that has been making me think. Purely (in most cases) skill based. Nothing that made your weapons stronger, or faster. You were all given the same choice of weapons, and you had to abide by them.
    No massive bullet storms (I know this game doesn’t have bullets, but it still made me think). In CoD 1 and 2, if you used an SMG or Assault Rifle, you would be considered and labelled a noob. Bolt actions were the way to go.
    No vehicles or kill streaks. The use of mods (there are none for Chivarly yet, but I believe that there are sources outside TornBanner planning on making some? Like Ninja skins ect?).

    So yeah, with this rant, I have a question. What are your opinions? And are there any games that are like the FPS that I described that are made recently, or are in development?

  • The bigger problem is that games have become very gimmicky. People lose interest if there’s nothing to unlock/customize with. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion, but it’s just the state of society. With so many options at our finger tips and many more gamers with money to spend on games, game developers will do anything that they can to keep their audience engaged (and make some money along the way with DLC/microtransactions). The majority of players these days want bigger and flashier - it’s a winning formula based upon the psychological state that society is in today. So the deeper point that I’m trying to make is that it’s not really the developers faults, it’s moreso the players and what they want and are accustomed to. Not that you were saying it is the game developers faults, but they have to make what players will pay for that is financially beneficial/sound.

    CoD 1 and 2 came from a different time.

    Vanilla Chivalry won’t have any killstreaks or perks, but customizations are already here/coming. Those don’t affect gameplay though.

    If you want something to play, I’d suggest gather up some friends for N64 Goldeneye. :)

  • ROFL

  • The best old style FPS I’ve played, or rather, used to play, was Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. A free stand alone game based on Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

    It was great and hilarious and very balanced.

  • The problem is game companies are trying to appeal to bigger markets by retardizing their games.

    For example, Morrowing has more skills, weapons, and customization options, and bigger cities than Skyrim.

    Not to talk about the plot:

    5 minutes into skyrim, theres a great revelation : OMFG YOU ARE THE DRAGONBORN. You start being a very powerful warrior, capable of taking on many enemies at once without taking a sweat, and slaying a dragon at level 3. Enemies adjust their level to yours, so even if you get better gear, or learn new spells, you become just slightly more powerful than before.

    While in Morrowind, you start as a random normal guy who doesnt even know how to fight and deep into the game, you discover you might (or might not) be the legendary nerevarine. You start being weak as hell, you can fight bandits if you take them 1 on 1, maximum 2 opponents or you risk losing the fight. Bandit leaders will pose a real threat to you, and can kill you 1 on 1. After spending hours in the game, you become a living demigod. Literally. You also gotta understand how leveling works and plan your leveling to optimize your stats. Also you can use spears (fuck skyrim)

    But I guess the masses who spend their money in games dont want to have to plan shit, just pick health/magicka/stamina every time they level up and spend a skill point to deal 10% more damage with swords.

  • @Wingy:

    The problem is game companies are trying to appeal to bigger markets by retardizing their games.


  • What happened to you Wingy…. :(

  • The FPS genre is extremely tired. There are few original ideas these days, and I’m sure we could all do to see some older ideas be revamped into newer games.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there are very many old-school FPS games in the works right now, but there are still plenty of them out there.

    In a feeble attempt to answer the OP’s request. If you don’t mind suffering some Nostalgia, then you should go to GoG.com and look up some classics. On another note, the original Doom and Doom 2 are on steam and highly moddable. There are ton of unique Doom mods out there to give you some fresh old-school experience.

    And while we’re on topic, there’s even a Call of Duty MW2 mod for Doom that’s a ton of fun and hard as hell.

    Hope that helps.

  • My rant goes on:

    The last good FPS was Painkiller.

    Then, the cover system and regenerating health ruined the genre for life. When before you actively had to dodge proyectiles and keep your aim on the enemy while shooting him, now you gotta get behind a wall. And wait there. And then score a headshot and its over. And if there are many enemies, enjoy spending 3 minutes behind the same wall. Health regen takes this problem to the extreme. Are you injured? Spend even MORE time behind the wall to fully recover!

    When old styled FPS had a dozens different kinds of enemies, all with different attack modes, movement systems, size and models. In modern FPS your basic enemy is a human soldier. Some games add a couple of alien enemies to the mix, but it doesnt go much further than a melee guy who charges at you, or many small horde-like creatures.

  • @Wingy:

    The problem is game companies are trying to appeal to bigger markets by retardizing their games.

    Society as a whole is quite retarded. So, in order to appeal to mainstream society, they have to try and make games for retards. Luckily, there are some indie game makers who sometimes put out a game designed for non-retards. Unfortunately, these games sometimes slip under the radar because they’re too hard for average stupids. These stupids who make up society then drop it to play “Hit This Button To Win 5: The Ultimate Hero of Super Elite Awesomeness” so they can feel like a badass without actually being a badass.

    You really can’t blame the game developers of these types of games for going for the money… That is the ultimate goal of a business, after all. Although, said game developers should also put out a respectfully hard game now and again to fill that gap for the non-retards of gaming.

    Anyone else remember Battletoads? That was a challenging game! We need more Battletoads!

  • I go on and on rating:

    Old style FPS had a great variety of weapons, with lots of different effects. For example, painkiller weapons allow you to freeze you enemies, stun them, blow them up, impale them. You could shoot bullets, acid, lasers, lightning, stakes, shurikens, rockets. God, you had a rocket launcher machinegun. And a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning.

    In Modern FPS, all weapons are the same, with different proyectile damage, spread, fire rate and ammo capacity. Some games have a grenade launcher or a rocket launcher too. Thats about it.

    And in this post I will comment another FPS. Bioshock, in my opinion, had

    ! shitty gunplay. Didnt finish it.

  • I would suggest Tribes: Ascend but…

    I have played the game for a while now, and to be honest, the direction that game is heading is a bleak one. It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong… The developers just happen to be retards and think nerfs are content. They haven’t released a new map/mapping tools for God knows how long. No new weapons (unless you count getting used to your newly nerfed guns). Overall, it’s disappointing. It has so much potential, but they are driving it into the ground.

    I know I did a horrible job at selling it, but it’s what I think about it, good and bad.

  • Ill have a look at that one, I guess it is old school?

  • I really hated what they did with Mass Effect 2 (I didn’t even bother with 3).

    The first one was dated, but fantastic. It was a story based space exploration game that happened to have shooting as it’s method of combat. You could go about that with a variety of ways depending on your class. As a Vanguard with shields and biotic powers, a badass shotgun and the sniper rifle upgrade (from playing it through once with soldier), it felt fantastic.

    I remember laying on a mountaintop, sniping a couple of enemies off that were in a base, then jumping in my vehicle, jumpjetting down the mountain, bursting through the front door, blasting everything with cannons then charging inside. Battles were fun, I could charge into a room full of enemies and plan who and what I’d use each of my skills on, as well as coordinated attacks with my AI teammates. If I started taking heavy fire, I had my shield boosts and cover if I felt I needed it.

    With the second one, blergh. It was a typical shooting game that happened to have a space story. All “exploration” was cut out into snippets of “missions”, everything was spoonfed in chunks rather than you going out and exploring the story and background at your own pace. Battles were just all pewpewpew reload, pewpewpew, reload. Constantly behind cover since your shields now evaporate if someone sneezes on you, and only recharge if you hide. Can no longer use coordinated skills due to the global “cooldown” it sets on them all if you use one, reduces fighting to choosing what single most powerful skill to use, then pewpew’ing from behind a chest high wall the rest of the time.

    Missions were linear based corridor shooter style, no immersion, loading screens seperating absolutely everything (wheras these were masked in the first), it felt as if the story was throwing me from one end to the other, rather than letting me experience it myself.

    Just felt like a braindead half-shooter game, which felt so shite compared to how awesome the first was with that massive universe to explore and cultures to learn about. Really raged me how they dumbed it all down to “buy this DLC gun nao!”. Then when I heard about the multiplayer aspect in ME3 (a silly wave based bot-shooter, that no-one will remember in a couple of years), I gave up all hope completely.

  • @BobT36:

    I really hated what they did with Mass Effect 2 (I didn’t even bother with 3).

    There were a lot of problems and bad development choices in ME2. I’ve heard ME3 corrects a lot of problems the second one made, but I’m still hesitant to try it. This laptop of mine probably couldn’t handle it anyways.

  • If, after the great plot ME1 had, you are curious about how they ruined it all, keep reading. I will only talk about the plot in spoiler tags:

    First of all, I have to say bioware promised everyone that their choices would carry over to ME3 and affect the ending. They also specifically stated there would be no deus ex machina, and the reapers didnt have an “off” switch on them.

    ! Shortly after the game starts, earth is attacked by the reapers. Shepars, who was imprisoned on earth, boards the normandy, and is suddendly again earth´s last hope. Just then, Liara calls him and tells him the plans for a protean weapon that could destroy the reapers had been in Mars all along!
    ! You get there, extract her while fighting some sexy cyborg chick. A bit later EDI (The AI aboard the normandy) takes posession of the cyborg body and becomes a sexy robot waifu for Joker.
    ! Your team is basically all your Mass Effect 1 team but Wrex, the sexy robot lady and a new guy. Oh, and a Prothean survivor, who is core to the story but you gotta pay to have him included. Day 1 DLC.
    ! So they set off to ally all the races in the universe, and build the weapon that can destroy the reapers: the crucible. They fight reapers and cerberus space ninjas with superpowers along the way, and finally, after an anticlimatic final battle, wich plays exactly the same no matter what your choices were in previous games, or how you performed in ME3, the crucible is completed and the intelligence behind the reapers shows up and has a chat with Shepard. He tells him that in order to save organics from being anihilated by syntethics, they extreminate all developed life in the galaxy every 40.000 years. Thats makes sense.
    ! He gives Shepard 3 choices: destroy the reapers, along with every syntethic in the galaxy and the mass relays, leaving every race in deep shit as they have depended on the relays for a thousand years. The second choice is to control the reapers, having the ai work under shepard´s moral code. The interpretation this ai does of his moral code is questionable, but at least the reapers wont exterminate everyone. He can choose a 3rd option: to merge all organic and synthetic life in the galaxy. So every living being becomes half syntethic, and the knowledge of the reapers is available to everyone. This is the “good” ending, in the sense that it is mary-sueish and everyone lives happily ever after.
    ! There is a 4th ending, and the best one in my opinion. If Shepard refuses to make a choice, the Reapers continue the cycle and exterminate all evolved life in the galaxy. However, the information storages left by Liara all around the galaxy allow the species of the next cycle to defeat the reapers by conventional warfare, without even needing to use the crucible.
    ! Bonus track: "Hey man, I saved the Rachni queen! What effect does that have in the final battle?: Well, in ME3 you have a galactic readiness score, wich represents how strong is the navy you are amassing against the reapers. If you saved the rachni queen, this score will be slightly higher. Thats it. Fuck you bioware.

  • @Wingy:

    Ill have a look at that one, I guess it is old school?

    Actually, it’s quite new. It’s a futuristic type shooter. Everyone gets jet packs and can slide down hills to build momentum. Takes a bit to actually get the hang of movement and all, but its not too bad.

    It’s free to play and has a shop feature where you can buy gun unlocks or you can earn them with exp points… Usually the starting guns work pretty well but some unlocks are awesome.

  • @Wingy:

    If, after the great plot ME1 had, you are curious about how they ruined it all, keep reading. I will only talk about the plot in spoiler tags:

    (Cut spoiler to make your quote shorter. Sorry Wingy.)

    Anyways, yeah pretty much. Even as a novice writer, this just sounds like bad story writing. I mean, I don’t want to bash all the hard work that Bioware put into the game, but it’s pretty much as cheesy as a sci-fi plot can get.

    Story wise, I think the game industry has taken severe steps back. Deep and creative stories are being replaced with streamlined plots that are as thin as cardboard. Now, I understand not every game needs a deep story to be good, and sometimes the games that say nothing tell the best stories. But when there is a story and it is poorly written it can make a game horrible. Just as bad voice acting or bad animation can. Same applies for movies on the same aspects.

    To be clear though, I don’t hate the Mass Effect story as a whole or how they were trying to do it. The first game did a very good job at presenting the story. Starting the game, The main conflict and antagonist are established immediately, giving the player a general idea of what they’re doing in the game without giving too much away about the enemy and allowing room for things to be learned. This gives the story room make interesting developments, and allow the player to figure things out. I’d imagine this is what Bioware was attempting to do, and they did it well. I’ve actually used this concept in one of my fanfiction writings and find it a useful and interesting tactic as well.

    But from what I’ve read about the third game here and other places, it fails to do that completely. EVERYTHING is thrust right into your face for five seconds before getting pushed aside. The story is pretty much resolved in the beginning, and all character and plot developments are meaningless (I won’t even call secondary on that) as the story is pretty much over from the beginning. To me, this just sounds like Bioware wanted to get the story out of the way so they could make room for some amusing gameplay and cheap fancy graphics.

    (Just writing that made me cringe) :hopel:

    Wild Arms was a PS1 game done years ago and it’s still one of the best stories I can reference. King’s Field was a PS2 game that handed you a story through broken snippets of the silent unnamed protagonist’s journal and it was more immersive than any game I have yet to play.

    I don’t want to rage at the gaming community as a whole, and I don’t want to come off as a nostalgic old-school fanboy, but you’d think we’d learn from those great games in the years past. Instead, everything is just getting simpler and simpler. I miss depth.

  • They just went to stupidity with the story in Mass Effect, feck knows what they were going on with the whole starchild thing and Shephard being the messiah of the galaxy and all that crap, in the first one the galaxy was there, it was huge, so many places and cultures for you to explore, NOT rule over everything as the god-saviour dude who the entire GALAXY relies on…

    Anyways disregarding all that crap, the gameplay in ME2 dissapointed me so much (seems the same in ME3 too), as it just felt like a crappy shooter. All the cool actual Mass Effect stuff such as the shields, weapons not requiring ammo and all those awesome biotic abilities (that are now nullified by “Armour” and “Shields”) were turned moot.

    Whereas in ME1 I never felt like I was playing a “shooter” at all, despite that being the method of combat. Not once did I feel that I was in a “shooting game”. I felt they did that masterfully.

    The industry is generally absolutely petrified of doing anything different than CoD or Gears of War, and it is quite saddening. Fortunately there’s some awesome indie games out there.

  • Nobody mentioned half life, half life 2 or halo: combat evolved? Easily some of the best old “difficult” FPSes.

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