Having trouble dealing with people behind shields, any tips?

  • I’m specifically talking about dealing with shields when I’m using a two handed weapon. For example, someone is hiding behind their shield, I’m a Knight using the Sword of War and the only thing I feel I can do in the situation is do a kick, followed by the quickest swing, the stab. However, even if I do a stab right after landing a kick, the sword is too slow to the point where the shield user can already put their shield back up again before my stab connects. So what would you do in this situation?

  • I would advise to switch to your secondary weapon for starters. Furthermore footwork is key here. Use stab (sword) or slash (axe) on the right side of your opponent (from your perspective), and use overhead to the left.

    Against good shield users you will get blocked most of the time though. You can then also try a slash, feint and then quickly overhead to the left when he turns his shield to block your feinted slash.

    If you want to use your two hander wait for him to come in for an attack, strafe to the right and start a slash. When he passes you mousdrag your slash into his back. Requires precision and timing but works well most of the time.

    Hope that made some sense. :D

  • This may sound lame, but very efficient at negating all things shield. Keep in mind, 1v1 where you are forced to fight, this will not work as efficiently, this is more practical on team based modes.

    Tip - Often disengaging a shielder, then attacking him from another angle, when he is distracted or engaging another target is pretty handy, and negates the shield’s block completely. Infact, this tactic is so handy, it works on everyone & everything.

    Extension - Ontop of this, Feint Retreat is something I do and works extremely well with longer ranged weapons (Practically 2handed, swords and vanguard weapons). What you do is, you pretend to retreat… most people being who they are, often chase you. As they chase you (Sprinting) their shield is lowered. Quickly, do a 180* turn, and provide them a stab.

    If you cant go through it, go around it? Pretty simple, and very handy… because simply put, shield knights take the most time to kill, for me anyway. I look for every opportunity to shorten fights, and prepare for the next.

    Good luck.

  • Very good info here, thanks both of you. I’m also a fan of fake retreats into 180s :P. One suggested strategy I’m eager to test out when I get home is the slash to feint then overhead. I never really thought to feint against shield users because I didn’t think they could “fall for it” because they could have their shield up the whole length of my swings, but the slash feint would make them turn to their left to block my feinted slashed, leaving their left side open for an overhead, hope it goes well!

  • step 1: put away sword
    step 2: punch
    step 3: profit

    … i’ve always wondered if hacking at their shins/knees would be effective. i usually go for a kick/strafing overhead which seems to get around a lot of the smaller shields (MAA shields and kite).

  • For shield users I have two tips.

    -Jumping overheads.

    -Try making them miss a swing, this is a garranted counter to them.

  • Well, I think Billy Mays pitched Shield-B-Gone when he was still around, but since we can’t get our hands on any in-game, here are some strategies:

    Exploit Real-Time Swings: Admittedly, the way that’s worded, it sounds like cheating, but remember that you can change the direction of your swing mid-swing. Use this to bring slashes, stabs, and overheads around shields. They only block what’s facing them.

    Jumpshots: My personal favorite and one that not many people see coming (unless you do it all the time). Start up an overhead swing as you move towards them, then just as the swing starts to come down and they’re blocking, jump and bring your mouse down at their head. This also helps if they expect you to do it, because if they see you winding up for an overhead, they’re going to expect you to jump. They’re blocking at the sky, you feint the overhead, and… Well, if I need to explain what happens next, you must be new to Chivalry and I welcome you!

    THIS IS SPARTA!: Pit of death not included. But this is what a kick is made for. Give that bastard a nice, firm kick, send him reeling… And laugh at the face he makes when he looks up to see your weapon about to get intimate with his grey matter. I don’t condone actually screaming “THIS IS SPARTA!” before you do this, otherwise he’ll probably know what you’re going to do.

    Ballista: If the above tips don’t work and you find yourself with a lovely piece of siege weaponry… Man the ballista! This thing just tears through shields… And people… And animals… And orphans… Don’t ask me how I know about the orphans part. I’m serious. Downside: Long reload and you’re a sitting duck to anyone sneaking up on you. Plus they’re not portable or on every map, so the application is really limited. But it’s a true Kodak moment when that knight, smug behind his tower shield, ends up stapled to a rock formation 50 yards away.

  • Every weapon requires different tactics to get around a shield. With the sword of war (2h), you have some really good stabs for getting around them. Try things like feinting an overhead to their right, then stabbing their left. It can be very very effective.

    If you’re truly having trouble, switch to a secondary like the flanged mace or falchion. They’re very good for getting around shields. Also, morning star and Dane axe are great as well for this. Hatchet, war hammer and cudgel are great, too.

  • Kick, kick, and kick some more. Then overhand.

  • Play on a server that is first person only. Problem solved.

  • Wow o_o surprised no one has mentioned this yet…

    You can charge the left of your opponent, use and overhead, then feint into a swing or stab while running to the right of your opponent. While having your shield drawn there is a hardcap to turn speed (like during swinging).

    The enemy will face left to block and will had a hard time blocking the swing if done right. (Try experimenting with similar tactics, causing them to guess where the attack will be coming from)

    If you’re going the no-feint route, swings are very good in general for reaching around the right side of the opponent. You have to be quite close up though. The same can be said, to a lesser extent, with overheads on the left side.

    If you’re playing maa, make use of forward dodge to leap to the side of them for an attack.

  • One thing that mostly pays off for vanguards (and for some of the knights 2h weapons as well):
    Using footwork to keep him at max reach while you constantly pound on his shield which will force him to stay somewhat defensive and eventaully drain all of his stamina! Expect counterattacks, but make sure they will miss because you’re out of range and punish him instantly for his miss. If you’re a knight you can force him to a trade that way which he will lose.

  • Hug their shield side and click away

  • As a chronic shield user, I find that kicks tend to throw me off balance and hugging me to keep me from swinging is effective as well.

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