Being ejected without cause from certain servers

  • I don’t know why but everytime I login to particular servers both online and my friends dedicated server I keep being bounced out after about 30s to 1 minute. Ping’s fine, everything else is fine I just keep getting booted out for no reason. Usually whenever I try and enter a server with the words “Ranked or Beta or dev” in it’s name. It’s SOOO frustrating because everytime I login I slaughter just one of my mates then BAM booted out again.

  • … Is your friend admin kicking you?

  • No, he’s not. Like i said it doesn’t just happen on my mates server, it happens on public servers as well. Usually ones with the names that have the words “Ranked, beta or dev” in their server titles.

  • Try typing


    into the in-game console (tilde key to open it) after you disconnect. It’s a known issue with a very small population of players and most have reported that just typing reconnect fixes it for them (although you may have to type it every time).

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