Kickstarter Helmet option non-existant.

  • So, a few friends and I were supporters of the project on Kickstarter, through the bundle packages (I believe it was 4 per bundle at the time). I wasn’t the one to make the payment, so perhaps this is the problem, but I don’t have any options to change my helmet. I also want to know if any of us (who didn’t personally pay for the bundle, and had a friend do it for the group instead) even get the supporter credit at all. I really hope to resolve this, because it’s fairly disappointing if people in my position aren’t given our fair share, just because our credit cards weren’t on your list, even if we payed the same amount as the person whose name was on that card.

  • I think that helmet is only for people who helped out with a larger sum. Benefits of that bundle on kickstarter are 4 very cheap copies and beta access for everyone, which for me was very satisfactory :P

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