Roman warfare? Nordic Warfare? Americas Warfare?

  • Hello Dev’s and fellow Chivalry Players I’d like to suggest something that I’d think would just be flat out awesome. Personally I think it would be amazing to run in and just demolish somebody as a viking or a Roman soldier, or even possibly be an almighty Jaguar Warrior or just stand from afar and use an atlatl I think it is called. My ideas for different era’s of battle just go on virtually endless but if you agree with me please spread the word and maybe a Dev will see it. I would try to make a mod or retexture but sadly I’m only a player and I’m lost in the world of modding.

    Thankyou for your time

  • Japanese warfare would be my main preference here.

  • Hellenistic era, anyone?

  • I would love Roman warfare myself. However, and I hate to burst your bubble, such a project would demand a huge amount of assets that the team likely isn’t capable of delivering anytime soon.

  • It could be a DLC that way they can make up with the money from all the man hours they’d have to put into it.

  • I would love to see knights, Spartans, Romans, samurai, vikings, etc., all warring it out on the battlefield at once!! I know that there are those who wouldn’t like this because it wouldn’t be historically accurate, but I think that it would be absolutely great to have the greatest medieval and pre-medieval warriors all on the same battlefield. I think that it would be cool if each team could have a mix of all the warrior types, and the thing that would tie them together as an army could simply be that they are all wearing the same color.


    I agree. Torn Banner shouldn’t be obligated to give us free stuff forever.

  • I don’t know about that whole all at once on the field but that’s your opinion and I respect that even if they just reskinned everything to fit the era of designated warfare I for one would be a happy camper obviously the game is still fairly new but I think this could also help bring in a larger audience of people to play the game which would be very beneficial for a new gaming company such as Torn Banner.

  • Actually, it’s beginning to sound more and more like… well, Pirates Vikings Knights 2. Chivalry has always largely taken itself seriously. One thing to keep in mind is that the game can’t really be particularly historically accurate because it takes place in a fictional land.

    How come it has to be Romans or Nords? The core idea here is interesting, but we could go further with it. Why not an expansion pack/DLC that showed the ancient precursors to the Agathian Kingdom? An opportunity for the team to come up with something even more unique; probably a composite of ancient earth nations, plus something entirely new.

    We could go forward, too, into the gunpowder era. However, some people have trouble adjusting to the concept of arquebus, pike and sword. With Fire & Sword was only poorly received by people who expected it to play like Warband, even though war in the gunpowder era is quite different.

    I feel there ought to be more action games about that time period. I can’t say how popular it’d be, though, since guns tend to either feel too powerful or worthless.

  • @Brinstar90

    I think that having a game with just Roman style warriors, or just viking style warriors would be great. But a few servers here and there with a mix of all of them would be fun too.

  • Mason Order = Nordic / Saxons / Franks

  • @Wingy:

    Japanese warfare would be my main preference here.



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