Swing Damage Mechanics Suggestion

  • A change in mechanics is in order if all of the players are looking downwards for an instant hit with the overhead or looking sideways for an instant hit with the slash.

    What we currently see now in game.
    http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa4 … -2copy.png

    100% damage through the whole swing

    What we should be seeing in the game.
    http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa4 … ited-1.png

    Partitioning the levels of damage from the start of the swing and the end of the swing would alleviate the annoyance of unintentional team killing swings and side screen insta-hits. Along with the “getting killed from behind the enemy because his sword swing started behind him” would be alleviated. The levels would start out about 50% at the starting area of the swing that grows to 100% at mid swing then lessens to 70% at the very end of the swing.

  • I have nothing to add, except those are nice drawings :) I like the facial expression ;)

  • I proposed the same idea a while ago, and have heard it repeated many times since then, as well.

    I wouldn’t be too bummed out if they kept the current system though :P.

  • +1 yeah it should be good. Hate when I get a hit with total strength behind of a vanguard slashing around

  • Breaks the effectiveness of attacking around shields, breaks the effectiveness of strafing attacks, and probably just makes the MaA the strongest class in the game by a mile.

    I don’t think something like this could be safely implemented at this stage of development without just plain breaking everything.

  • So not many people think that weapon acceleration should be the new swinging mechanic? What is this? i don’t even… This game is playing out like lightsaber combat, where a player takes full damage if a vanguard hit the player at the very beginning of his swing. Full damage should be taken when hit at the middle of the swing, where the weapon is most likely at its highest speed. Also, i dont see how weapon damage based on acceleration would break the method of slipping past a shield. The 50% damage decrease would be for the very beginning of the swing and the damage increases as it gets closer to the middle. You’re still going to do damage to the player even if you hit the enemy with the beginning of the swing, but you wont get a kill, which personally seems more like a broken mechanic if a player can kill a shielding player from the front.

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