EVERYONE can vote

  • In some of the Ideas and suggestions posts they set up a vote to see if the community likes the idea or not. However, most of the community hasn’t actually seen that vote at all.
    I am proposing a place were you can see what votes are taking place. This will let the community as a whole express itself better.
    Example: Someone who hates all those “New class” threads, (he doesn’t even bother reading them). wont be able to vote against the new classes, however if he could see that a vote was going on he would be able to add his vote to the lot.
    Thanks for reading.
    Vote If you want this. (:

  • If an idea has a lot of support it’ll be discussed for a long time, so anyone who checks the forums semi-regularly will most likely see it eventually. And these are the only ideas that are likely to get the attention of the development team.

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