Servers Euro \ / Usa.

  • imo.

    They will Jump into a game with no thought and lag the euro servers to death with pings from 200 upto 500.
    Infact the times are Euro evenings but early in usa.

    They join as its quiet for them , so joining a euro server in its peak time is nps for them.
    They get the best of both worlds were as we don’t.

    If you have been into gaming for more then a decade then you will know this stuff.
    having logged onto American servers very early in the mornings , they will often complain of lag,
    names such as Euro trash get of our servers or call vote kick. you are nearly always kicked,
    I have even found cases of server admins installing files withing the game to disable your ingame browser
    from seeing their servers. ( extreme cases and just a few, only discovered when it effected some of them also hehe in error )

    So back in the days they had ping limits and rules which don’t seem to apply on steam when playing games.

    last night during a T/O in chivalry the server started to react. On checking the pings and recently connected,
    the case was near 8 pings of 250 up to 658 had joined, of which 7 were in fact Americans.

    After some complaining some left and the server regained some control once again.(unsupported vote kicks)

    My point is. We are all entitled to play with a reasonable ping in our evenings. do you agree?
    server settings and max pings allowed are a real basic requirement, with its packet controls /rates / what ever tools
    they have.

    without this the Euro’s will continue to loose out in gaming online.As we only get one evening peak time to play.
    The Americans are the first to complain of pings and Euro trash on there servers and also the first to join the Euro servers
    regardless of complaints and don’t really give a hoot.

    This is not an anti player posting. just to explain why if the servers just don’t bother to have settings or marshal this area, they will simply lose a player base from certain regions of the globe.

    Even the new age developers don’t really care about marshaling the pings or players connection settings
    as its almost all now days about making a quick profit and most of them are in fact in the non Euro zones. So
    why should they.

    imo we should all be able to play any were with reasonable pings why not? the technology is here now, however
    until that time why should gamers suffer thoughtless games makers who don’t really care and server hosting companies
    who don’t but just want to reap in as much cash from the game while its popular for their profit margins.

  • Sad story that there arent any ping restrictions in the official servers.
    Its unplayable if two or three high pingers are in.

    Never saw such a high pings in other games.

    But i dont think the problem are players from USA, more the players from south america, australia and asia are causing these high pings.

  • For the record, there are only 3 servers in South America, only 2 in Africa, 3 in the Middle East, 8 in Russia, 5 in Japan, 1 in Sri Lanka, and 3 in Singapore.

    Just to give a rough idea of the places without good server coverage.

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