Monster hunter gamemode?

  • A gamemode where the map is like a cave, With a bunch of Webs and stuff, And a spider thats the size of the first spiders you see in Skyrim, and a giant spider at the end of the map, The objective is to Slay all the spiders and then kill the giant spider, Once you do that you have to exit the cave and the game ends. (Note this is my first post) And everybody is on 1 team, So like 5-10 knights, No PVP just PVE.

  • Not that I would not like this to be implemented, but I have to say the developpement is putting emphasis on multiplayer PVP. And getting hitboxes, animations, actual balance, etc. for the monsters would actually need an whole new game.

  • This would be a good addition to that middle age zombie game that’s not being made.

    really though, PVE would be fun in a different game.

  • Ya I would prefer if this wasn’t implemented….ever.

  • It is called WoW

  • While I doubt 100% the devs would do this, I too would love to see a multiplayer skyrimish cave raiding game in the future :P

    Anyone else old enough to remember sven co-op for HL 1? If it had that level of fun but with swords & arrows… oh man.

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