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  • Hello everyone,

    We now have a Chivalry Forum Moderators group on Steam. If you are on any of our official servers and encounter any real-time issues like hackers, specific server issues, offensive and abusive users, etc, then you can join our group and see who is online and available and contact them for help.

    [EDIT] Since the group has gotten over a certain number of messages, you can no longer send us messages without adding us as a friend, so now you may add us to your friend’s list for assistance. Then you will be removed right after the issue is resolved.[/EDIT]

    If a moderator is online and available, they will try to be in the chat room, so you can go in and get real-time assistance. Otherwise, send one of us a message if we are online or post a new discussion with the issue you are encountering and we’ll get to it right away.

    Remember, this is for real-time issues, so that we can go on the servers and take care of things right away. Anything that is not real-time needs to be posted in the Steam group with screen shots/videos or you can send everything to Don’t email anything without valid proof.

    While all these things are for Official Servers only, if you encounter any hackers on ANY servers, contact us right away as hackers are a priority no matter what server they are on. And we will do our best to get them banned from any and all servers. If you can’t get one of us online, please take a video recording of them in action and get their steam userid. Don’t let them know you are recording or contacting us. Also, try not to announce it in the chat or they may be votekicked before we have a chance to see anything.

    So join the group and contact us when any issues come up.


  • Addendum: Report cheating on any server, not just official servers. We may not be able to ban players from unofficial servers but we can certainly verify if they’re cheating and get their steam ID.

  • Developer

    Addendum 2: You might be able to catch one of us in IRC if all else fails.

    Channel: #tornbanner on QuakeNet

    Or you can be cool like us and use Hex Chat

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