What is the most effective team setup?

  • As I am a fan of startegy and tactical games too I gave a little thought what would be an ideal and verstile team in Chivalry. My opinion as of today is the following:
    3 Knights (With shileds weapons map dependant)
    3 Archers (3 or 2 with bow maybe one with crossbow)
    2 Vanguards (Weapons map dependant)
    2 MAA (equipment situation dependant)

    A classic deployment would look like this


    The flankers can deploy on either side depending on what tactic the team wants to do and get a local superiority in a certain location. Of course the map can heavily influence the effectiveness of any team but I believe this would be the most versatile setup.This is a 10 men team example. With different numbers on a side the ratio should be the same and numbers adjusted accordingly.

    What do you ladies and gents think about this?

  • 10 Greatsword Vanguards. Everyone charge attack at once and you’re guaranteed to wipe out at least one team. 8-)

  • @SlyGoat:

    10 Greatsword Vanguards. Everyone charge attack at once and you’re guaranteed to wipe out at least one team. 8-)

    That would be easy to implement that’s for sure… :). Now where are my archers :P

  • It may be a bit dependent on the skill level and that map too?

    Many archers are so crap that you’d be better off without them (or having them swing wildly with a melee class).

    I also find MAA to suffer on enclosed maps(where they can’t use their mobility). Here a stabby sword/polearm would help the team more.

  • What game mode and maps are we talking about here? I know you qualify and say it is map dependent and what not, but honestly I think that in order to have any meaningful theorycrafting we’re going to have to define the circumstances a bit more.

    That said, for certain game modes like TO on the defending side, especially when the archers have access to siege weaponry, your composition doesn’t seem to be too bad to deal with some other common comps. What you might have trouble against would be a shield heavy team that can mitigate the effectiveness of the archers and present a stronger front line that would attempt to just roll through your 5 man front line to create an initial mismatch. Oil pots and actually smoke pots are decent at disrupting knight lines. There are also the many opportunities for a flanking force to overwhelm the defensively weak sides of the formation which would then force the knight line to break as well.

    I feel most of this is relatively common knowledge so I don’t think I’m giving away any Lg secrets by saying these things :P What I would honestly recommend, as clans are usually the only way you’ll get 20 people online to consistently scrim in an organized fashion, is to join a clan and discuss strategy with them. If a clan has a secret they feel gives them an advantage, they’re going to be unlikely to divulge it in the general discussion probably :P If you’re already in a clan, then hit up other clans (like cough Legion cough) by contacting people via steam (cough or cough or cough) or on their website (cough) and try out different comps to gauge their effectiveness.

  • I would like to see more concrete setups for different maps and situations.

    In the original setup 5 persons can have decent shields (also MAA has a god one) that can protect them form archers.
    In case the map is not archer friendly one can switch one or two archers to Knight or Vanguard. One Archer is always good to harass and slow the opponent and I would not really take more than 30% Archers unless a very bottle-necked situation. but even then I would not use muxh more Archers maybe four the most.
    MAA will never be the core of the team as they are completely unable to hold the line. However they are as far as I experienced as of today the best flankers and one or two good MAA can contribute very much to the team.
    The core of the team will definitely be a knight/vanguard combo knights with more defending capability, vanguards with more assault capability but you need some amount of both in every situation. (7V/3K very agressive setup 8K/2V a very defensive setup.)

    Given a 10 person men what would your force be in Stoneshill, Hilllside, Dark forest?

    @HeightofAbsurdity: I would love to join a clan as I prefer organized encounters and I would happily play any of the melee classes. The problem is that I always end up in having very bad KDR despite all the effort and I am afraid no clan would take me. :( I’m a bit old for this :P I still like it though. :)

  • I think that team setups are very much map and player count dependant. Even situation dependant really. My ideal setup for a team of 10 players would be 2 archers, 2 MaAs, 3 Vanguards and 3 Knights. Depending on the map and the task(Defending/attacking) they would swap to have extra archers instead of vanguards or MaAs

  • I think everyone is underestimating archers :)

    If we’re assuming that all players are reasonably skilled, crossbowmen are very helpful in CQC situations. They are able to shoot knees, interrupt windups, deal moderate damage from afar, and embarrass vanguard.

    I think we all see archers as the horrible pub archers we too often see.

  • Archers are extremely good in organized battles. They can make or break a lot of matches. All it takes is one good shoot to change everything. Just sayin’. You could do well with tons of archers.

  • For TO on the attacking side I would say 9 tower shield knights and 1 good MaA to run around finishing people off.

    Also, I have yet to see a team with lots of archers win on offense or defense in TO

  • @sharkh20:

    For TO on the attacking side I would say 9 tower shield knights and 1 good MaA to run around finishing people off.

    Also, I have yet to see a team with lots of archers win on offense or defense in TO

    I really feel like it boils down to a rock, paper, scissors. 9 TSKs + MaA would get wrecked by 5 MaA, 5 TSK of comparable skill.

    But 5 MaA, 5 TSK would probably fall to 4 Van, 5 TSK, 1 MaA, which would get probably get rolled by 2 A, 5 TSK, 3 Van

    Really A counters V
    V counters M
    M counter K
    K counters A/V

  • 90% or 100% melee classes is our doctrine. Two archers is far too risky, takes too much off of our gangem style.

  • For a 10 man?
    2 Javelineers to counter-snipe and support, immune to feints (co-ordinate shooting to the left and right of enemy archer at same time to increase chances of 1hit killing it)
    4 Vanguards all with Halberds (or whatever poky weapon rocks after patch, I’m guessing Spear)
    3 Knights, all with Warhammers and Kiteshields (immune to feints, and can build a decent wall to follow behind), or tower shields if 3rd person view is allowed I guess.
    1 good MAA to win duels, and be a general beast

    Vanguards role is to be opportunists, hide behind people with shields and poke when the going’s good.
    Knights are meat, meat that 2shots everyone. Meat that holds off projectiles when moving forward.
    MAA is good at flanking.
    Javelineers priority is counter-sniping, but play good support and flankers.

  • This works pretty well.

    Video proofz…


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