[Suggestion] Server browser: show gametype in list view

  • It would be really nice to know right from the list view, which map/gametype it is. I know there’s the detail page of the server, but I think it right belongs into the list view.


  • The map is already displayed in the server browser. The prefix of the mapname tells you what gametype it is.

    aocffa = free for all
    aocto = team objective
    aoclts = last time standing
    aoctdm = team deathmatch

  • I see; so to have a different gametype, one needs to adopt the map and thus it has a different name (speaking from a developers perspective)?

    I never realized this, I always thought one map serves different gametypes (like in other games). Still, IMHO, it should be a clear, separate entity of information.

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