Join the fuller servers, please

  • 4-6 servers all the same ping, and you fools decide to spread out. Why? Why would you rather play in a server of 4/16 players rather than 20/32 ??

    Why must this dwindling community spread out among many servers at the same time? Why can’t we all join the same server and have a full game going?

    Ping aside, I get why some might choose a second server… but to have 5 servers with 5 members each is just fucking stupid :|

  • some people like to duel, other just don’t like some people, some people might be banned from certain servers, some people just might not like playing on certain servers, it sucks but it’s what this game has come to after ages of not being updated :P just wait for the new game, or join a clan and scrim every weekend, or play on the MM server, they’re usually really populated.

  • Also, they could be new and are just getting a feel for things and/or possibly exploring the maps…

    Why this would not be done in single player is beyond me.

  • Sadly there are only 1 or 2 American servers that have players, and personally I hate playing on MM server and the 24/7 battlegrounds server (which I am still banned). For one the ban for TK plugin is a huge pain in the ass specially if you actually use the catapult correctly and I am not paying $2 for a month worth of tk protection for idiots that do not know how to forgive. Also you cannot play a sound bite without getting muted. That is why I usually go straight to the Kila clan server and set up bots to practice with and try and get our server populated. I sometimes go to euro servers because i like the challenge of the ping differential and there seems to be less stupidity, well sometimes. Sadly I cannot get past the russian kids babbling on, It is bad enough that kids who haven’t reached puberty, voices are grading enough. the spamming gibberish just makes me mute them all.

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