Server List Gone

  • Hey just wondering if there is any good fix for this. The game was working and now the servers have dissapeared. The odd thing is I have it installed on two computers here and the servers show up on one pc but not the other. To actually join a game I have to join through someone else on my friends list. This means I can’t play when friends are offline.

    Any help would be good thanks :)

  • Also have tried a lot of fixes posted already

  • A work around is to use this thread.


    It has all the servers, and a link to auto launch it. Also you can use those Ip’s and port numbers to connect throught console.

    Press** ~**

    then type


    press enter

  • @oraculum:

    Also have tried a lot of fixes posted already

    So you tried setting the game speed filter to anything but 100% and then back to 100%?

    Also, the list of Official Servers has links that you can click that will automagically open Chivalry and connect to those servers.


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