Fix Votekick

  • Votekick is broken the troll will simply leave before the vote ends and rejoin within 10 seconds its been happening since launch can we get a fix please also ive noticed players who successfully get vote kicked only get a temp ban for about 5-10 mins it should be more like an hour or two.

  • I’ve only been vote kicked once since the game came out and it failed. If for whatever reason a vote kick on me is about to pass, I’ll just leave the game like you said and come back. Thanks for the tip!!!

  • I’d like to voice the other issues surrounding votekick. Mainly the lack of a reason textbox. Everyone should be prompted to enter a reason for the votekick. I also feel like its way to easy to votekick people. There’s a lot of ways to remedy that perhaps by raising the vote participation percentage required to make the vote valid or raising the required yes percentage. It may be necessary to scale these percentages inversely with player count; though this I’m not sure about.

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