YourTurnToDie Recruitment thread

  • **_Hey there guys! We are a social clan based in the UK currently recruiting players to play Chivalry with. Not overly fussed if you’re from the UK or not as long as you can be online to play with other members.

    We have our own Chivalry server up at the moment (Search for [YourTurnToDie]) it plays FFA and TDM.

    We also play:

    1. Team Fortress 2

    2. Left 4 Dead 2

    3. Grand Theft Auto 4

    4. Planetside 2

    5. we have our very own Tekkit server.

    We are looking for immature players that are interested mostly in satisfying their own entertainment needs. We’re not interested in how good you are at games, we care more about your ability to have fun.(note, immature meaning you don’t take yourself too seriously, not raging pre-teens)

    We are also starting up a youtube channel to record our fun times on, so it would be preferable for applicants not to be too camera shy.

    If you’re interested, add me [YTTD]The-Anderthol and [YTTD]Teh Stephen on Steam and we’ll have a chat. We’d like to play and interact with players BEFORE we accept them as a member of the clan. This is just a precautionary measure so we don’t have to kick as many people._**

  • Haii There peeps!!!…
    _[YTTD]Teh Stephen here hows it going??? As a group YTTD members enjoy having a laugh, trying to make jokes now and again and we especially love messing around when were bored like these pictures on my steam The group is made up of 18-28 year olds currently that know how to have a laugh, have fun and not take it to far. **i do have to stress this : YOU MUST BE ABLE TO TAKE A JOKE because we love our banter

    TheAnderthal messed out some important stuff :P … hehe… We have a Teamspeak server if you want to join in when your on our server just ask and we will post in game. But be warned we are not PROs… and ARE looking for SOME-WHAT Immature players :D to have a laugh and join in regularly with us be it on the tekkit server or chivalry… or just random game we all have in common**_

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