New Skins Girl

  • @William:

    Sorry, my French Princess, there are no Women ingame and there wont be. The Devs said this, did they not?
    You may now return to your duties, woman!


    You and Malric can go do unspeakable things together :x

  • ReMixx, Im sorry if I hurt your feelings, young girl… :P

  • NO

    I don’t want fucking nerds getting girls.

  • @zoey45:

    hello :)

    I am a girl why you made ??skins for girl? :(

    Actually , they didn’t make such skins according to my knowledge .

    I don’t know is it just me or the first post is a bit aimless …

  • This would just lead to more COD or BF kids coming into chivalry. We have enough Immature T-bagger’s, So why do we need more?

  • This is a fantasy setting.

    Realism should be in terms of armor, weapon mechanics, etc. But no women? I dont see why not.

    I think they should have female characters (ive suggested it a few times actually).

    For realism, the women could be slightly weaker but maybe slightly quicker to balance out?

  • You could always implement a female character that regenerates health of allies around her by cooking.

    I’ll get my coat…

  • As a female, just… no. We don’t need female skins. I’m perfectly fine with how it is. If someone wants to add mods to make it so, then let it be. But it will never happen in the regular game itself. I think it would just make it… too weird to add it now… So no thanks! I’m so happy with my manly Vanguard-y self… KimiBRO. ;)

  • @Kimiko:

    I’m so happy with my manly Vanguard-y self… KimiBRO. ;)

    So it’s okay when you call yourself Kimibro but you get upset when I do it? What???

  • I understand being a female and not wanting to play male all the time, but this game works historically, Joan of ark, was burned alive EVEN tho she has won several battles for the for french against the English, this was used as a punishment as well as a deterrent, for any other women.

    Lets face it this game has ‘’ Class type’s’’ and there were no women class types in medieval times.

    No such regiment or knight etc.

    And to make this work you for you, and many other females out there you would need to have a female equivalent of each class type.

    There is an even bigger reason why women did not wear Armour, as a knight…

    noone were built for women to start with.

    What does a female version look like ? no one knows and if Torn banner studio’s were to make it so, it take the reaslism, and histiory out of this game, and turn it into a fantasy.

    Besides, you know the rule, Men don’t hit girls :P.

    One reason i know of that women were not allowed to fight, especially on the front lines were that men, feel compassion for the women, and will go in and risk his own life/ comrades life, for her.

    I must admit when my GF plays video games, i can’t help but go out my way to save her :P, or loose points or whatever.

    yeh it changes the fabric of the game.

    And i could imagine some stupid morons would use female characters in the wrong way if you know what i mean.

    lets just keep it as it is. >.>

    I always play as females in games, it’s funny YOU GET ALOT OF UNWANTED ATTENTION, and all the while their chatting up a man :D. kekekekee jokes on them.

  • @Kimiko:

    I’m so happy with my manly Vanguard-y self… KimiBRO. ;)


  • I don’t see any Germans, so I don’t see why women should be running around with blades

    Also, being a Chivalrous Bast@rd I don’t think I’d quite like hacking up females, blade wielding loons or no

  • @zoey45:

    we are entitled to play this game we girl lol

    1. You’re not “entitled” to play this game. Seems the new generation feels they’re entitled to everything. You are, however, allowed to play it equally with men, sure.

    2. You are not obligated to only play as your gender in video games. You can be a man swinging a sword just like the next girl/boy/toddler.

  • @ReMixx:


    I’m so happy with my manly Vanguard-y self… KimiBRO. ;)

    So it’s okay when you call yourself Kimibro but you get upset when I do it? What???

    HAHA, that’s not what I was saying… I was saying something else. But pffft… over your head! whoosh



    I’m so happy with my manly Vanguard-y self… KimiBRO. ;)


    Indeed m’dear… indeed!!!

  • I think someone just got trolled really hard here…

  • I like to cross dress

  • @Matti:

    I like to cross dress

    Pix pl0x.

  • I guess we could always have a map similar to Stonehill, where the last objective is to kill the king. In this case it could be some alternate universe/doppelganger Joan of Arc.

    Otherwise, don’t think it will fly.

  • @BerserkerSan:


    I don’t want fucking nerds getting girls.

    I don’t want fucking nerds in this game either.
    But since your playing this game I believe your a nerd yourself?




    You could just play an archer… They’re close enough!

    Ho ho ho! He is smart! Like my shoe.

    Ya smell like a woman!

    How is a moderator allowed to ignore such sexistic behaivour? I thought your existence was to eliminate or atleast maintain the greater good?

    Seeing girls in game would definitley make the world much more better. Despite the Dev’s have said no for the time, doesn’t make it no as in never going happend.
    Players should be able recieve their gender through what they have applied themselfs to be on Steam or via the configuration. A option that shouldn’t be reset each single map.

    This game isn’t based on reality either, don’t recall getting a polearm towards your head will make you survive, neither get your hitpoints back despite having 10 arrows through your stomach. So girls is definitley a must!

  • I guess for myself, I don’t like seeing random guys playing as a girl when they aren’t… But I guess the same could be said about me playing as a guy… However, I just think it would just be weird to see a female character in this game, since it’s always been this way since AoC.

    But whatever, if it happens, it happens. Just remember most of the “female” characters out there are actually males in disguise! ;)

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