Old bugs are back again UDK Crashing and character lockup

  • Right now I’m experiencing two debilitating bugs that are making the game unplayable:

    1. UDK.exe crashing in the middle of play. I’m not on a single core and I’ve put 300+ hours into the game on the same machine to only have this start happening today.

    It crashes occasionally on opening the server browser, and frequently in actual gameplay. I’m talking about it crashing once every 10 minutes of gameplay as I haven’t been able to play through a duel server round or TO act without interruption.

    2. Character lockup. I’ve been told this happens to other people but I’m getting it constantly throughout my short games. The bug is as follows:

    I’ll be doing anything.

    then suddenly my character (on my screen) will lower his weapon or move it off screen and I then cannot attack, block, kick, switch weapons, or do anything but WASD/sprint/yell. Getting hit does not fix it but did appear to move the position of my hands once, further hits did nothing. Death is the only solution ingame for it. And this glitch affects 1/3 of my character spawns. I haven’t seen this glitch since the very early days of the game.

    Like I said I’ve been playing on the same hardware for a while now, 300 hours and never got the udk crashes (outside of the server browser errors of days gone by)

    pls halp

  • Attach a Launch.log and DxDiag.txt for sanity checks.

    Also, please post the crash event from Windows Event Viewer (Start menu -> type in event viewer in search -> should show up in search results). Then in the Event Viewer app, select Windows Logs and the Application subcategory in the left panel. Then in the top-middle panel, find the latest Information event related to UDK.exe. It probably won’t say UDK.exe as the source in the event list, so you will have to click them and scan through the details. Once you find the crash event for the latest crash, please attach the details here so that we can see what’s going on.

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