The Akinator

  • Here’s a fun little game to play.

    It’s a guessing game. You think of a real or fictional character and the game asks you questions to try and guess that character. If it guesses right, you lose. You can play up to 100 questions, at which point the game surrenders and you win.

    The database is quite robust, and it’s bested me in some of my most obscure video game character references. I didn’t try any real people because all the real people I know are probably too obvious, and I would never win.

    Here are some that I’ve lost with; 90% were on the first 25 questions. This was me deliberately trying to go out of my way to pick old/foreign/obscure game characters in several failed attempts to win.
    May include spoilers.

    ! E-DE (Fallout New Vegas/Secondary)
    ! Rei Kurosawa (Fatal Frame 3/Protagonist)
    ! Nepgear (Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk.2/Protagonist)
    ! Janus Cascade (Wild Arms 3/Antagonist)
    ! Cecilia Adlehyde (Wild Arms/Protagonist)
    ! Mary (Ib/Antagonist)
    ! Shana (Legend of Dragoon/Secondary)
    ! Koh (Azure Dreams/Protagonist)
    ! Doomguy (Doom/Protagonist)
    ! Korax (Hexen/Antagonist)
    ! D’Sparil (Heretic/Antagonist)
    ! Parsee Mizuhashi (Touhou/Anatagonist)
    ! Dragonborn (Skyrm/Protagonist)
    ! Maiden in Black (Demon’s Souls/Secondary)

    My two wins (both at 100 qs)…

    ! Ray McCall (Call of Juarez/Protagonist)
    ! Hexen Fighter (Hexen/Protagonist)

    Problems with it: There are a lot of missing pictures. A ‘suggest a pic’ feature is in the works right now to fix this.

    it’s a lot of fun regardless. Again, unless you really try to come up with something super odd or out there (or you’re flat out lying) then you aren’t beating this thing.

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