Simple map competive rules for team objective

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    Lately while we in Royal Knight had began our weekly clan practice, where we would splitt into two teams and play versus each other with in a basic team objective based clan match.

    Most of us already know how clan wars are being played as team objective, that was basically the only maps we had back in Age of Chivalry. However to those who do not know I will explain shortly how its played and what decides the “winner”. So at the very beginning, there is choosed one of each clans represants as duelers, then those choosen will fight. And the winner decides which side they will begin as. ( In most occasions where the map has not yet been decided by leaders of each clan, the winner of the duel usually picks the map and the side, or he picks map then the loser picks side) So once the duel is finished, then its time to play on a team objective map. The team objective map is being played on twice, first the Team 1 plays as attacker or defender, then on the second round they play as the opposite as they were in the first round.

    Now what decides which clan wins the team objective, is whoever managed to complete the map or the objective with least time. or if one team gets past a objective where the other team does not. Sounds very simple, however I’ve once found it a bit problematic that this haven’t been properly discussed as simple rules as Friendly fire 100% and no thirdperson has been. Back in age of chivalry, there could be a occasion where the teams was put into a draw, then the clan war status was listed as either draw, or they would go into a team deathmatch mode and let that decide which clan wins.

    The very reason it was so easy to get a draw in chivalry, was because there was mostly just one objective, in chivalry we even got a objective where its about killing 40 peasents in stoneshill, so say if both clans get stuck on that objective, should it become a draw since both “Did not finish” on the objective, or should the winner of the two clans be whoever manages to get further on the progression. Lets say that team 1 killed only twenty, and team 2 killed thirty. The question remains if it should lead to a draw, and then possibly to a last team standing mode or deathmatch? or should team 2 be the victors because they had got further on their objective. This should be decided strict, and not discussed each time it happends, we may all do this but the problem can also be that some objectives can lead to draw, for example when you face the king, there is no progression counter, all you need to do is to slay the king. If both team fails on that part, there is no ways to tell which team had caused most damage to the king or not, so that objective will most likely lead to a draw.

    Simple map competive rules fror TO.

    - How to decide which one of the teams wins if both of those two cannot complete the map and gets to the same objective.

    ? First objective: Decided upon who gets most peasent slain.

    ? Second objective: Decided upon who gets the ram closer to the ram
    ( Ramming part should NOT be counted as progression, cause you don’t have a 100% accurate information regarding to who gets closer to breach the door or not, unless the other team gets to 50% and the other down to 75%, but I personally don’t think it should decide who wins because of the fact that we don’t have any accurate measurements )

    ? Third objective: Should end with a draw if both of teams cannot slay The King because of reasons mentioned above.


    ? First objective: Should lead to a draw if both of teams cannot light the pyre and keep it burning till it meets it dead-line.

    ? Second objective: Should decide who wins upon who gets most trebutchets destroyed

    ? Third objective: should decide who wins upon who destroys most ships.

    Now that you’ve seen a few examples of what I’m talking about, you may find it easier to understand what I’m trying to say. There was a rule like this made for a map back in Age of Chivalry infact.
    Monastery which had a lot of objectives in one, you could steal the golden cross or the manuscript first, but if one team would only steal one of those and the other would not steal any, the one who obtained one of these items would win.

    Please post your thoughts about it here.

  • And then to the big question, should a draw in competitive play (tournaments etc) end up in rematch or lts? :P (I know there’s duel as well but that’s just stupid leaving the entire game in the hands of 2 dulists)

  • I had every map rule down in a notepad document but then it fell victim to Windows Update, I’ll remake it eventually though.

  • Would be looking forward to that, please post it here once you have remaked it, Blaine.

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