Realistic hits?

  • Slashing something (or someone :x ) full strength in real life actually slows your sword and stops your hammer or any of blunt weapon(may stop the sword too, depends where you hit).
    As I see from the trailer you still can hit 2(or more) guys by a one hit and that seems wrong for me.
    Mb leave that issue for the case when you decapitate someone, but sounds right to disable it for any others. Also would be nice to have animations for successful hits(not just blood and clang) ^^…
    If that’s already discussed im sorry…
    enjoy :) they hit full strength… Trying to give ideas for successful strike animations.

  • That was amazing oh my word I now have found my Purpose in life ok not really but that was still really cool and totally something I would love love love to do thanks for sharing.

  • That would be amazing if it were to be implemented. Like, they could make it so that giant-ass weapons would ignore that speed for their giantness :P , but smaller weapons like wood axes and daggers almost stop when cutting their enemies. However i do think that it would be kinda hard for the developers to work that out.

  • i was thinking bout that all weapons stop on succesful hit because if you hit smth full strength it actually stops on target not magicly comes through it. Ofcourse some weapons like swords may slide but more usual they also stop and so if you pull it back after it stopped it will look other way than just slow mo slash. Its possible but requires some animating. That why i gave you that video, its non scenic combat where you see how people return their weapons after a hit on some1 that what i would like to see ingame for better feel of a hit

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