Attack/Defence Modes

  • Whats about setting 2 modes that can be switched in the middle of the battle, less defense and more attack power in the attack mode and the opposite in the defense mode, maybe make it affect the moving/attacking speed.

  • Not in the middle of the battle mb? Imagine that all the players get amount of points ( the number of points is constant for class and impossible to increase) and spends them on speed , speed of swing , damage , etc. If to balance it good(when knight is still slower and deals more damage than man at arms even if knight looses all his points for speed) it will help players to adjust the game to their playstyle.
    Something like that (speed)
    |_vanguard|_man at arms|
    ________limit for adjustable speed
    So knights speed is 1 and he can maximise it to 2 .Vanguard speed is 3 and he can maximise it to 4
    Man at arms speed is 5 and he can maximise it to 6.
    To sum this up : just deplete all characteristics lets say by 1 and let people customise it themselfes in a menu or while choosing the class…

    Why not in the middle of the battle you ask? because it will turn players’s keyboards into scrap after spamming switch of those modes.

  • The problem is that… How can I see what characteristics my ennemy has ?
    With classes, it’s pretty obvious (the bigger the slower), but with stances, and customisation ?
    How can one adapt to something invisible for him ?
    If you have a vanguard and see another one, while you are at low health, how are you supposed to tell if you can get a chance escaping or if that’s pointless as he will outspeed you ?
    Moreover, this is just going to be hell to balance properly.

  • You cant see them , that’s the whole point
    You will have not to rush or risk but adapt, learn for a while a new opponent(because his playstyle gets more distinguished) ,what is quite realistic. About running away from vang with higher speed, you may try kill him because you have higher attack speed\damage. :)
    Balancing is possible with alpha/beta testing.

  • @evil:

    You cant see them , that’s the whole point

    Sorry but that is against my personal idea of what a muliplayer game should be about.
    Getting killed because you could not estimate (or wrongly estimated) your ennemy’s stance is just so frustrating, especially for newcomers.
    And that’s because this stance thing is to have an impact on the game (if there is like +/- 1% there’s no need to add visual information).
    It’s like having all the swords look the same just with different stats, so you cannot distinguish the falchion from the dagger from the longsword from the short sword unless you get killed by one. I can’t seem to agree with that as it strips some simplicity and adaptability from the game.

  • Getting killed because you could not estimate (or wrongly estimated) your enemy’s stance

    . So learn to estimate, 1-2 hits is pretty enough to see how fast someone swings.
    If to balance it, for ordinary player it will make no difference (they risk less and use mistakes major enough), but for experienced ones who got used to the timing on more advanced lvl(when they deplete timing gap of usable mistakes to that 1% which is modified) it will create a need in adapting to each new opponent so it will make battles more challenging for them and less impossible for newbies.
    My point is to add some kind of individual playstyle so you cant just learn static characteristics (intuitive) and own always, but that you have to think and study your opponent , so making combat closer to reality (you cant actually know how fast some guy swings with his falchion). So of course different swords look different but until you sheathe them into the same scabbards. And also people have less constant values than swords i bet.
    Anyway devs to decide and i give no pressure. Thats really require a lot of time for balancing.

  • A big NO from me for obvious reasons.

  • 1-2 hits ? That’s enough to die.
    Experienced players will already have enough room to show their skill, and dominate newbies, there is no need to add this kind of mechanics.

  • I think that kind of changing stats you are talking about would probably be achieved by choosing different types of weapons and classes. That should be enough, believe me, balancing such a game, which is based on melee actions is hard enough :) Disbalancing it by adding mentioned features would be out of place especially when there is alpha-testing ending and they plan to start selling it at fall ]:->

  • well, let it be so…for now…

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