Sword/Shield Maiden

  • I know it’s a longshot, but it would be cool to have a fifth character. (For girls) and no I’m not a girl lol.
    Sword Maiden - pointy helmet, light armored, Small shield, two handed weapon, fast speed.
    Shield Maiden - Full helmet, moderate armored, large shield, one-handed weapon, moderate speed.

    Just a thought :)

  • Depends if it can actually fill a role between the existing classes.

    Sword Maiden sounds like… basically…erm…Female-At-Arms.

    Shield Maiden sounds like it might be something to fit between MAA and Knight as an all-rounder/medium class.
    I guess it would be a reasonably offensive class supporting Vanguards on the frontline, but without their reach and yet still reasonably defensive alongside Knights, but with less power.

    Not sure an all-rounder is really needed though and I don’t think female medieval soldiers were common enough to dedicate a class to them. ;)

  • I don’t see the need or reason for any new class or why this new class should be female.

  • I would love to see a kidnapped princess scenario or something!

    No female playable characters though….they’d be raped .

  • Since there are no kitchen maps, these characters would be useless :P jk, i think we should keep the available classes to a minimum, it’s perfect right now. As soon as you start adding classes, everybody will want new classes and so on.

  • @ZorisX:

    Ithey’d be raped .


  • I’d rather see javelin removed from the archer and made into a separate skirmisher class if they’re going to be adding new classes to the game.

  • and add dual swords, horses and lions on arena :D

  • I’d like to simply have a “set gender” option with alternative female models/animations/voices for each of the existing classes. Might make it less of a Chivalry: Medieval Sausagefest.

  • The mighty SAUSAGESTAB refuses the idea or even the very notion of adding women as any playable character in the game, and this is why. Many years ago SAUSAGSTAB walked into a man “Lord Foreshadow” while travelling to Nashkel. He then asked Lord Foreshadow about the weather, then Lord Foreshadow told of the vision and foresaw Chivalry pulling the “M&B Warband” if female characters are playable. They will be mighty, ugly, petite and wielding gigantic weapons (Mauls and Flamberges) all in the name of political correctness. Well judging by most of the male characters in Chivalry, its safe to say they aren’t the most attractive looking folks to say the least. (Especially the royal family (TO_Darkforest)) However the King does have an epic beard, so hes probably the coolest character, but then again hes a dude, but then again Malric is also a dude.

    Plus its General Discussion, not Suggestions and Ideas.


    They will be mighty, ugly, petite and wielding gigantic weapons (Mauls and Flamberges) all in the name of political correctness.


  • Chivalry, or the chivalric code, is the traditional code of conduct associated with the medieval institution of knighthood.

    Sorry, women just weren’t a part of this. Time travel back to medieval times and litigate equal gender rights if you’d like this changed.

  • Psssshhhhh! Mulan did it!

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