Please fix the cheats. Stamina and Speed hacks.

  • I could have taken a different approach to this post by posting the two prominent cheats, but seeing how I just paid $24 bucks for this game, that would be a waste.

    Please fix or give us an update on the Speed and unlimited stamina hacks. Last night 2 servers, claiming they were official had these hacks on them and guys with idiotic names. I saw also some weird thing to do with the bow, like it was shooting like a gun or something. This guy took 3 of us out in like 5 seconds or less. You see it in the log, bow bow bow bow bow. People were like, wtf! When I finally located the dude via spec mode he left the game or got kicked.

    I didn’t post this to argue with anyone, like I said, I could have just posted the hacks in this post and that would have caused major $hit. I think this is a great and fun game but it’s getting ruined because these cheats are circulating and this game seems to have no anti-cheat. I guess we can thank god it has the ability to kick people. That doesn’t work though if the guy has supporters on the server.

  • Join the steam group in my signature and you can report cheating to official server admins in the group chat. We’ll get them banned from official servers.

    There’s work being done to help mitigate speedhacking, and I believe some exploits like the machinegun bows/javelins are being looked at for the next patch, so expect improvements fairly soon in some areas. Rest assured the team is aware of these issues and they’re definitely a priority.

  • Excellent news. I will check Steam forums and report the hackers.

  • Yeah good Idea. Tonight I saw a russian player striking 47 times without to be out of stamina.
    AMAZING !!!
    And 2 days ago, a guy ran the plain of moor in 3 secs. ^^
    I kicked him but a lots of these kind of players are appearing

    Too bad cause it’s a good and funny game. Don’t let them ruin it

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