Game feels "stuttery"

  • Ive noticed that everytime im in a fight the game seems to for lack of a better word, “skip”. I only join servers with <100 ping. My ping ingame is always under 100. Ive been tracking my frame rate and it averages 40+ fps. Despite this i still find my self getting killed a lot because of this. For example ill attack someone but the game seems to stutter during swings and i either end up missing or end up getting killed. I know some people will say im looking for excuses for dying but thats not the case. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • I’ve been having this problem a bit more lately

  • @Zephyr4813:

    I’ve been having this problem a bit more lately

    So im not the only one with this problem? Good to know

  • MAybe allow more ram?

  • horrible lately for me

  • i have this too. my game “swallows” animations in greater fights but thats because I have a very poor fps rate due to my old pc.

  • Did this only happen in the keybind update patch? There’s bugs with it that will cause your game to stutter if you bind a key to one of the bugged commands and also a normal command. I’m not sure how to best explain it but go into your keybind menu and make sure any glitchy looking commands are bound to buttons you don’t use.

  • It is an issue I no longer suffer myself since I installed my game on an SSD drive for some reason. It is hard to know why and how to fix this issue for you.

    Some had it solved my turning off steam overlay, some by tinkering with graphical options, some by NOT using SLi and so forth.

    My solution was SSD. Good luck.

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