Big Developers and chiv testing….

  • Was just checking out this war of the roses game that everyones been talking about which i think looks fantastic, does anyone else think that perhaps with people finally growing sick of fps games, bigger developers perhaps will dabble in creating hand to hand combat games like this?

    Also not sure what people are allowed to share but hows the current test version playing?

  • With Rune being re-released on Steam, two victories have been claimed in my book.

    1. A RETURN TO THE CLASSICS! I always love seeing well deserved attention brought to the legends of old… New people are a good thing, unless their immaturity leads the community to chaos! In which case I could not be more upset. :-x ANY WAY BACK TO THE TOPIC.

    2. A focus on hand to hand combat. Sure it aint first person but rune is with out a doubt a MANS GAME! Much like Chivalry will be(I hope) There is nothing more satisfying then staring down your enemy, unleashing a ferocious war-cry :berz: then proceeding to hack each other down to the bone until one is left towering over whatever is left of your respected(or not) adversary.

    So… I believe the interest may be there but it all depends on an up and coming studio (CoughTORN cough BANNER*) to break the ice with the best first person slasher to date.

    Good times ahead of us Lads…just make sure to keep thanking our Devs :ugeek: :geek: :ugeek: (Thanks Devs)

  • Rune is back? Woah, yea that game definitely required skill, the real meaning of the word “skill” .

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