Reconsidering chasing speed.

  • I find it hard to fathom why a knight should be able to run faster than an archer or MAA when chasing them. MAA’s should be able to run out of sticky situations like 3v1 and not be able to get chased down considering they are meant to be agile/stealthy etc. Also armor and weapon weight should be taken into consideration regarding speed.

  • The reason why knights can run as fast as MMA is because of the chase mechanic in the game. If you are chasing an enemy and you have your crosshairs pointing over their character, it should turn red and that means that you will be running faster than them. This is so that rounds are not delayed by people just running away from the battle or archers that decide to shoot - run - shoot - run.

  • Horse Archers- 2013

  • This is an intentional design decision, otherwise the chase bonus wouldn’t exist.

  • I think chase bonus needs to be higher on archers. Archers are very hard to chase and they can very well run an LTS clock down np.

  • I understand the mechanics of the chasing speed and the reasons that it’s in place. My point was that it needs to be removed. Why should I be forced to stay in a 3v1 situation because I know if I turn my back and run I’ll just get chased down and killed instantly. It would at least allow for more tactical game play.

  • You gotta keep your eyes open.

    I can never recommend this enough: spend 2 hours playing with your fists only. You will become a MUCH better player. Your awareness, positioning and judgement of different situations will increase.

    Its not all about good timing in fights. Knowing when to fight and when to run away, knowing when an enemy will be alone or will get help easily, your K/D ratio when going back to normal weapons will improve substantially.

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