Archer Special Unlooks

  • Simple question; how do the “special” unlocks work.

    I have completed all but three of the archers weapons but haven’t unlocked a single “special”

  • All of the “special” archer unlocks are already there. They are as following:

    -Pavise Shield (Only usable with crossbows)
    -Buckler (Only usable with javelins)
    -Bodkin arrows (Only usable with bows)
    -Broadhead arrows (Only usable with bows)

  • Boris

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    So what you are saying is the padlocked items in the archer’s specials range aren’t something that I haven’t unlocked yet. If this is the case; the red locked padlocks in the specials section serve no purpose whatsoever, it’s totally pointless.

  • It is a bit of an odd design choice, but yeah. They become available depending on which primary weapon for archer that you equip - not anything unlockable.

  • Thanks.

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