Need some skill advice in this game

  • I can’t seem to aim good most of the time in this game, mostly with the archer class. Anyone have any good tips, I know practice practice but I just don’t see me getting better by much. I also know aim at the tip of the enemy’s weapon, I don’t have to much trouble aiming blocks just aiming swings and arrows. I have 123 hours in and my skill isn’t what I want it to be. It just causes me to rage a lot.

  • Maybe adjust your mouse sensitivity. If you swing past a lot turn it down. If you swing before try turning it up.

  • Try using different weapons and play styles.

    Start out with something and try it out… If it’s not going well, try changing it up. Sometimes, I play with a weapon, then switch later in the match. (M key default)

    Also, the bots are a good practice type opponent. Try bettering your aim with bows on them or something.

    If you find yourself still struggling, I wouldn’t know what to tell you. Mash LMB in FFA like the rest of the noobs? :lol:

    I hope it helps out!

  • Honestly, it really is practice. I suck at archery too, but I’m definitely getting way better with it as I keep practicing. I recommend warbow with broadhead and cudgel.

  • Its less about practice sometimes and more about intuition when in a combat situation.

    For bow archers, equipment should always be warbow bodkin, anything less just doesn’t cut it. Crossbows are really up to you, but I have great disdain for the light xbow. For aiming tips at long range, leading your target should be the most obvious. Correct your aim after every shot, assuming the target is still there. There isn’t much to say for long range, except try to go for masses of enemies for better hit chance, and NEVER engage targets already engaged in melee, you’re liable to hit your own guys at that distance.

    Short range is, ironically, where any archer should learn to be most effective in, and where you would do the most good to the team, whether you are a good shot or not. Follow behind your melee teammates, and support them by taking out threats they cannot handle (enemies trying to flank, 2v1, 3v1, etc…). The best times to take a shot are when 1) The target is swinging an attack, which is when he is committed to the blow and is unlikely to change direction of movement, 2) the target misses and is backing away, for the same reasons as 1), and 3) the target is retreating, which I don’t think I need to elaborate. Of course, in the chaos of battle, it can be difficult to judge these stances of the enemy. That’s why a level of intuition is important. Don’t calculate your shot too much, go for it if you think your target will be there in the next split-second.

    As the above poster mentioned, try training on bots. Don’t train on those charging at you, they run at you in a straight line and are of no challenge. Train on those engaging in melee, which are harder to hit and better reflect the dynamics of real players.

  • I suck at sniping with bows, great sniping other archer with heaviest xbow which I sometimes use against enemy archers if needed.

    I tend to use warbow with the arrow against heavy armor targets, forget name of it. I tend to go close range and stay behind one or 2 allies. I tend to see myself playing archer as close range support and can be very effective doing that even though I can easier be killed.

    Only times I snipe is on maps that it works easy where enemy goes through a narrow doorway or stairs or if enemy is all clustered together and aim is less important.

    Most “sniping” bowmen I see, they get a nice kill here and there but not as many, offer way less support and overall are a waste of a player to your team, even the great snipers. Unless I played knight or something so long I need mixing up or if it really does help having another archer on team I use other classes. I wont do archer if I get more kills for my team doing knight in a game.

    Also by being close range enemy will many times ignore the knight or vanguard etc and go for me while my ally can slash them down.

    Other notes, I tend to have high sensitivity on, aim ahead of enemies, in close range crouch let them raise their weap to strike then shoot for pointblank headshot or if survive it will flinch them, pull out my fastest dagger for a quick stab to finish off, if he blocks that I ruuun spamming “help” voice command hoping a teammate will be near to run enemy down at which point I start shooting again.

  • I’ve been trying out archery just to be different (I usually play MAA), and it’s enjoyable, but very challenging. My best tips:

    1. Practice your aim, particularly your ability to lead moving targets, against bots in the Stonehill map. Load it up with just 1 bot, and choose the Mason order for yourself. Dispatch the bot and then while he’s respawning practice shooting the filthy peasants as they run around. The bots themselves tend to just run straight at you, which isn’t much of a challenge and doesn’t represent the way opponents will move in the actual game. However, the peasants are at least a little unpredictable, and will move in all directions.

    2. Don’t worry about headshots; just start by learning to hit the center of mass. When you get comfortable with that you can start to concentrate on aiming towards the upper body for a higher chance at head shots.

    3. However, don’t obsess over head shots: often you’ll be shooting at wounded opponents who will die from a regular torso shot, so be prepared to just take a simple, clean shot when you have it.

    4. Unless you’re counter-sniping (firing on enemy archers), never fight alone. When you spawn, find a buddy and follow him. When he engages an opponent, get relatively close (how close is a matter of experience) and choose your shots. This benefits your ally in 3 ways:

    a) you may finish the enemy off yourself
    b) when your arrows land, they cause a flinch which can help your ally land a hit
    c) you can at least do damage, making it easier for them to finish the opponent in one hit

    5. Get familiar with when to press “2” in order to pull out your secondary weapon after firing a shot. If you press it too soon, nothing will happen, and you’ll be easy pickings for someone charging you.

    6. If/when you’re being charged by an opponent, get to know how long you have before they close with you, and whether or not you can safely fire another shot and still have time to draw your weapon before they reach you. If they’re badly wounded, consider holding out until the last second and firing point blank to kill them; guys will usually stop zig-zagging around at the last second so that they can aim at you themselves - that’s the moment to shoot for an almost guaranteed kill.

    7. Get used to the zig-zagging thing; almost everyone does it. My technique is to aim in the “center” of their zig-zag, and wait until the moment they switch directions; that’s generally when you fire, as they’ll walk right into your arrow.

    8. Don’t risk hitting allies. Don’t fire into a melee from very far away - there’s no point. This is especially true if your allies are outnumbering the enemy; you’re even more likely to hit a friendly than anything else.

    9. Know where the ammo crates are on every map. This isn’t such a big deal for bow and xbowers, but it sure is for peltasts.

    10. After being killed while sniping, try not to go back to the same exact sniping position; people will know to look for you there. Even after you’ve missed an opponent (particularly an archer) and given away your position, it’s sometimes best to just run behind cover and find a new place to fight. You’ll still tie up their archers as they’ll be trying to find you, and if you’re lucky they’ll be looking the wrong way when you pop out of cover from your new position to stick 'em.

    11. If you like archery, don’t give up. Keep doing what’s fun. There’s nothing quite as awesome as having a REALLY good archer on your team, and the best archers got to be the best by practicing constantly. It’s the only way.

    EDIT: One more tip: Consider turning off the targeting reticule (press “U” I think) and try firing without it. At first it may feel really weird, but over time you may find it becomes more intuitive. This is a very personal thing, and takes time to figure out. Sometimes I do well with the reticule, sometimes I do better without it; generally when I’m doing really poorly I’ll toggle it either on or off just to see if it helps break me out of a funk. Overall I think I do better with it, but I’m still very new to archery.

    That’s pretty much it off the top of my head.

  • Thanks for all of the replays guys, much appreciated.

  • @Slaughtervomit:

    Also, the bots are a good practice type opponent.

    Those bastards have OP flaming arrows! :P

  • These are very good tips, but they sound good mostly for bows and crossbows, the archer class i want to master is the Javelineer.
    The thing about when i use Javelin, is that i always feel like trowing it while sprinting because it feels cool. But is it smart or practical to trow it while sprinting?
    i know two things about sprinting
    #1, trowing the javelin while sprinting makes it go farther (and maybe do more damage, not sure about that part).
    #2, Trowing the Javelin While Sprinting Makes it less accurate.
    So should i trow my Javelins while sprinting, or should i not?

  • Yes, the tips I listed are mostly for the bow, and some apply to the crossbow. The javelin, however, is a very different case, and almost plays like an entirely separate class.

    I actually started playing with the javelin for a few reasons: not only is it cool and challenging, but the very first javelin appears to be the best, so you can get going right out of the gate.

    I think the same general tip about staying close to the fight still applies, but you have to be much more careful about your ammo and very careful about friendly fire. Hitting an ally can be really devastating, and you’re sure to get a lot of blame for it (even though melee classes rack up the most TKs by far).

    Javelineers do well as counter-snipers, taking out archers, for a few reasons:

    a) one hit will take out an archer in most cases
    b) you carry a shield
    c) you can hold your throw indefinitely, unlike a bow archer who can only draw an arrow for so long. This may not seem like much, but it’s useful in hunting crossbowmen, as you can put your shield up while they fire at you, then ready a javelin while they reload and launch it the second they turn to face you. SMUSH.

    As for running and throwing the javelin, I don’t find that it deals significantly more damage, and overall the loss in accuracy tends not to make it worthwhile. It may be worth it if you’re 100% sure you’re going to hit (running up behind someone who is standing still, for example) but chances are you were going to 1-shot them anyway.

    I’m also uncertain about the boost in range, but this shouldn’t really be a factor. Any change in range is also going to slightly change your aim, anyway, making you even less inaccurate (as the javelin won’t arc quite the way you would expect it to if you were simply standing still). And usually you’ll want to be fairly close to your target anyway, making any extra range moot.

    When it comes to melee combat, you can either use the spear or pull out a secondary. A lot of the time I actually like to pull a secondary, with a strong preference for the cudgel; however, my main class is the man at arms, so I’m more comfortable with a swift bludgeoning weapon than I am with a stabby javelin.

    The reasons why I don’t play with the javelin much anymore:

    1. I find that 5 ammo just isn’t enough. You have to really pick your shots wisely, and as a bow archer I appreciate the ability to distract people with missed shots. Sometimes just letting someone know that you’re shooting at them can be a very useful tactic; this isn’t the case with the javelineer. Having to run back for more ammo is really annoying, though if you’re accurate enough to get at least 1 or 2 kills for every 5 javelins, then it’s usually worth the time investment.

    2. The javelin throw is really clunky. It comes out very slowly even after you’ve wound up a throw, and most annoyingly (to me, anyway), there appears to be a gap between your body and the point at which the javelin appears when it’s being thrown. This makes it almost impossible to hit people point blank with the javelin, compared to the crossbowman’s ability to just force-feed someone a bolt in close quarters. This may also be my imagination, but the javelin does not seem to fire from your center of mass, but from slightly up and to the right, where it is held before throwing. While I guess this is realistic, it also makes it hard to aim at very short range.

    3. The delay time where you’re totally helpless after throwing is waaaaaaay too long for my tastes. It’s frustrating and frankly boring to be spending so much of your gameplay time unable to press any buttons except to backpeddle.

    4. Because of a combination of the two above reasons, I wind up drawing my secondary and fighting with it more often than I would as a bow or crossbow archer. And sometimes I’m spending so much time with my cudgel that I wonder why I’m not just playing as an MAA - and so I do.

    One often overlooked advantage that the javelin has over the other archers: I’m pretty sure they can shield bash (“kick”) while holding their javelin. Bow and crossbow archers can’t kick with their primaries out, which is a very naked feeling.

    Overall I think the javelin could do with a bit of a boost, but major kudos to those out there who are sticking with it and making it work. It’s supremely frustrating to be up against a team with a really good peltast, especially if he’s supported by a tough front line and maybe another archer.

  • Javelin class is a joke, sorry to tell you but from what people say they will fix javelin class, right now I would argue the class is broken compared to all the others (not just a bit under-powered or lack balance but actually broken.)

  • @Wangmaster:

    For bow archers, equipment should always be warbow bodkin, anything less just doesn’t cut it.

    Broadhead can 2 shot knights with 1 headshot and 1 body shot, and kill your greatest threat (enemy archers) in 1 hit. All you really lose going to broadhead instead of bodkin is 1 shot head hit on vanguards and 2 body hit knight, but most of the time I find myself 2 shotting vanguards anyway, and have an easier time headshotting knights due to their slower speed, so broadhead wins in every way IMO.

    Please keep using bodkin against me though :P

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