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    For those of you hungry for news on the game, some new info came out in an interview with myself and, here is a snippet and check the full interview with the link:

    We got a chance to ask some questions to Steve Piggott, the president of Torn Banner Studios, as he talks about the gameplay features in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, including the fact that you can decapitate your enemies, among other things.

    First, how did the idea for the original Chivalry mod for Half-life begin?

    Our passion for the idea came from watching epic medieval (and pre-medieval) movies like Gladiator, 300 and King Arthur. We wanted to bring that intensity and those iconic medieval battlefields to the hands of a gamer. I think the reason we decided we were the ones that had to do it was from our frustration as gamers that there wasn’t a game out there that was doing first person melee combat well, especially in multiplayer. So we set out to make the game of our dreams ourselves.

    Full Interview:

  • …Interesting interview, thanks for post it…-_^


  • What a wonderful interview. Thank you Tibberius!

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