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  • Hey there.
    I’ve purchased the game and have been enjoying it so very much thus far.
    I’ve been interested in asking whether or not the TB team will open up the ability to create community content for the game (like the ones in the mod) - My main concern is more towards creating maps for the community to play on (since I am interested in getting familiar with the unreal engine and it’s editor )

    I couldn’t find anything regarding that so I figured I’d ask whether it will be possible in the future or is planned at all?

    Thanks for your time.

  • In the 2nd Developer Q/A YouTube video, they stated that the Chivalry mod tools/sdk are coming in a few months time (from the release of the video).

    As the development team started as a group modding the Source Engine with Age of Chivalry, they are very friendly towards modding :)

    It’s just a matter of time needed to put into polishing the mod tools vs the time needed to fix bugs and get stuff ready for January’s content update.

  • Very glad to hear that! I have many fun maps planned for TO!
    Thank you for your reply!

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