Recent Problems With Desync

  • I got this game in early November, played it a lot with no problems, good times were had. My framerate is fine, always over 30, and my ping is generally in the 60-80ms range. I was busy for the past couple weeks and didn’t play, and now I’m experiencing massive desync on every server when I try to. My ping is the same as it’s always been and I haven’t made any changes to my system. The game, though, is simply unplayable for me atm with warping characters and swings/blocks/parries that don’t connect. I am happy to read that there are content updates planned for January, but I’m concerned about this sudden desync problem with the servers. Anyone else getting this?

    edit - playing on US servers, windows 7

  • There was a hotfix in the past few weeks. Try deleting the Chivalry folder from Documents\My Games. Worst case, try reinstalling the game.

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