Low framerate in 32 player servers

  • hello

    in 32 player servers with actually above 25 players I get pretty low fps, about 25, and it really fucks me over up to the point where I can’t follow people circling around me because they only appear for 1 or 2 frames. It is playable but not as playable as a server with around 16 players.

    Here are my computer specs, I’m running everything on the lowest setting possible, making my game look worse than age of empires.

    intel i5 750 quadcore 2.67 ghz
    8 GB ram
    Nvidia Geforce 450 GTS
    cheap ass 1tb hard drive
    Windows 7 ultimate

    Is there anyone else with the same problem and/or a fix to this?

    please respond

  • Please attach your DxDiag.txt.

  • here you go, thanks for looking into it

  • We all get lower framerates with more players - more polygons to draw, physics to calculate, and sounds to render.

    What motherboard do you have?

  • Asus P7P55D.

    I know that it’s just the playercount, but I was wondering if I should upgrade, because of the 64 player server plans.

  • @Boris:

    Asus P7P55D.

    Try updating your audio driver, yours is from 2009 and the latest looks like it’s from Nov 2010: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_ … /#download

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