Mouse Keybinds Lock Up?

  • On occasion, my game will not respond when I hit a certain mouse keybind. Occasionally it’s parry, but most often it’s my thumb mouse buttons that I’ve rebound to overhead/stab. I have no idea what causes it, but lately it’s been happening 5+ times a game. Before you ask, no my mouse isn’t broken and no it’s not wireless… the only thing I can think of is that I’m an avid alt tabber, but it’s not like it happens everytime I alt tab back in. I recently changed the config settings around to be borderless windowed mode… could be one of the causes, but this was happening even before I tampered with it.

    The same thing also happens pretty much everytime I get hit off a catapult/ballista/etc. Sometimes I’m able to spam esc and close the menu again to find it working, sometimes not.

    If anyone has the same problem, or knows of a solution… please help!

  • Nobody knows or has had this before?

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