Chivalry Map Acceptance

  • Quick question,

    If one of us were to make a realistic Chivalry map now in the UDK using placeholder models and such, and if we had a photo walk-through of the map could it be made into an official one after the game is released?

  • Developer

    This is a tricky question legally, but it is possible if the map became truly popular. Additionally we plan to support community made maps and will promote maps and/or map packs made for the community for server operators to download and run on their servers. We are hoping to have a healthy modding scene build up around Chivalry as there is so much you can do with our objective system and combat with level design!

  • Modding may be a nice way to get Helm’s Deep back in hehe. ;)

    I’m guessing that one won’t be possible officially now.

  • If anyone else is planning to remake Helms Deep I’ll do what I can/know to help! ;D

  • Can I request Dracula’s Castle from Catlevania:SOTN and Dark Souls?

  • Helms Deep was always my favourite clan war map, I’ve had some truly fantastic battles on that map and I’d love to see it in this game.

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