[SOLVED] UDK.EXE has stopped working

  • Cannot get the game loaded. Crashes after running game:

    I have all windows updates installed / latest drivers for everything.
    I have verified steam cache integrity
    Tried running UDK.exe from the source directory , as well as through steam gui.
    I tried deleting the chivalrymedievalwarfare folder in /my documents/my games/ folder

    My rig is well beyond the requirements for this game.

    Here is the relevent information attached:

    THanks for any assistance!

  • Just an update:

    This guys response below fixed my issue:

    Deleting the config folder in the steamapps/common/chivlarymedievalwarfare/udkgame/

    http://steamcommunity.com/app/219640/di … 7956300249

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