Update for new weapons

  • Ideas for new weapons for possible future updates


    • Fire Bolts (Arrow heads that are already on fire)
    • Multiple arrows (Fire more than 1 arrow simultaneously. Arrow supply decreases quicker)


    • Chain ball (Similar to mace but a spiked ball hung by a chain on a stick)
    • Spiked shield (self explanatory)
    • Single spike shield


    • Double headed axe (Axe that has a head on both sides of the pole)

    Feel free to add more and modify my suggestions

  • Good archers put out enough damage as it is, instead of giving them double or fire arrows i’d say give them a quicker weapon switch.

    The flail is already coming in the new patch, and I like the idea of a spiked shield, I suppose it would do more damage with shieldbashing? Wouldn’t be too effective though unless the damage value becomes pretty large, but then it would be OP as there is no way to block it.

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