Run Chivalry on GT555m

  • Hi guys, i’m having an issue. I have a notebook that has GT555M and i5 2º edition. Here is the problem:
    My video card just turn on when i’m playing a game, and with this game, my video card does not regocnize this game as a game, so all the render work have been doing by processor. I’ve already tried to add a rule on nvidia control painel, but it doesn’t work. Any ideas of what i can do about it?


  • How are you determining whether or not the nvidia GPU is working?

    So you’ve done this viewtopic.php?f=69&t=3830#p51702 and it still doesn’t work?

    Do you have the latest drivers from

    What if you set the global default to the Nvidia GPU?

    I use a GT 540M and it works for sure.

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