Chivalry Cosmetics - Longer Arrow Models

  • Arent usual arrows from the bows usually 27-29 inches or some where around that? The arrows in-game look like they’re just 1 foot. That’s like firing school grade rulers! :[

    When i’m being attacked by archers (Bowmen specifically) I want to be able to see the arrows sticking out of the walls and the ground without having to really look for them. I’d like this because it’d add more of a cinematic feel for the players when charging through an arrow volley.

    Plus, Mount and Blade has pretty long arrows sticking into things after being loosed, why doesnt chivalry follow that example? I’m hoping this change wouldn’t be hard at all… just rescaling the model, making it longer…

  • I generally have no problem with this as long as nothing changes in the actual arrow bounding box / hit box. AFAIK the arrows seem fine to me.

  • nice idea +1

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