Lost all of my weapon and helmate unlocks

  • So I’ve played over 145 hours of Chivalry - I’ve unlocked everything except for the last crossbow and archer veteran helmate, I “was” rank 29.

    Best just 10 minutes ago when I jumped into another server, It said that I was rank eight - and that I’ve have lost almost all my unlocks. Some how I have been rolled back to when I was rank eight and only given the weapons that I have unlocked when I was a rank eight player.

    I need to know why this has happened and how the hell to fix it.

    I don’t wanna unlock everything again. It took so long for me to level those secondary weapons (those daggers are so annoying to level).

    A fellow player in a random server told me that “I have been caught hacking, so they reset all your stuff lol” - This person is probably just trolling, but for the record - I have not hacked in any game, I may have exploited map glitches every once in a while just for laughs, but never hacked in any game that I have played. I don’t even know where to get them.

    Please help me.

  • I’ve also just noticed that I have unlocked the heavy crossbow in the few remaining unlocks that I have with my new rank 8.

    Which is weird because before when I lost my unlocks, I never unlocked the heavy crossbow…

  • Don’t worry, all that info is saved in Steam Stats.

    Just to hit it with “broad-spectrum antibiotics” as they say in the medical business, delete your Chivalry folder from Documents\My Games\ (this will reset video settings and custom keybinds) and then join an Official Server. Things should be back to where they were.

  • This did not work for me. I lost a few unlocks after playing today. After searching this problem (which led me to this thread) I tried deleting the folder like was said and the unlocks are still lost.

    I cannot find a solution to this other than some people saying some servers don’t save progress. Wtf is up with that? You can progress on a server but it’s not saved?

    How do we even know what servers save progress? Is it only the official servers, because I started on a non-official 64 player server and progress saved just fine.

  • @Holycannoli:

    How do we even know what servers save progress? Is it only the official servers, because I started on a non-official 64 player server and progress saved just fine.

    Any server that has the ranked flag and VAC flag set should record weapon progress. Currently there is no easy way to see if the ranked flag is set.

    I highly recommend sticking to Official Servers if this is a concern for you.

  • This can also be a problem with your Steam program not properly connecting to the Steam Cloud, which could be an issue with Steam or your internet connection. I have had this problem in the past where I could log into Steam, load my game and join a game perfectly fine, but everything I had leveled up was reset back to the start or most of it was gone.

    At first I was pretty PO’d, but after about a day, everything came back as it was. Sometimes it can only take an hour or two.

    Other times you need to shut down steam, restart your system and then log back into Steam before things are corrected.

    Just give it a bit of time. 99% of the time nobody screwed you over, it’s just Steam acting up. It has happened to me plenty of times, like once every month or two.

  • What I do now is ask if the server saves stats. I prefer servers with lots of players, and the official ones are all between 16 and 32 max. 32 max is fine but often the server has half that playing.

  • If the server you are playing on crashes you get your stats just as before you joined (doesn’t save progress)
    Also, a friend of mine just told me that he lost all upgrades… not sure what’s up with that

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