• Caught some player called XxXBartosXxX on an FFA server with ‘official’ in it’s nametag which had voting disabled for administrators. (Cant find the server name right now) - Was using some sort of speed hack to move faster than MAA and had the ability to deliver blows on the wind up with his sword as well shoot arrows in a 2 per second rate?

    Im totally dissapointed with seeing this.
    Is there no cheater security for the engine currently?
    Ive joined the moderators group already and posted there.
    Please tend to this.

    Anyone else encountered cheaters?

  • I witnessed it myself. He’s not currently on an Official Server, but he is definitely using the dumb speed hack. I’ll make sure this punk gets on the ban list of all Official Servers.

  • Thanks. Glad to know. How can I tell actual official servers from fake ones?
    Maybe there should be an icon made for this in the next patch?

  • The next patch will hopefully change the IP address on the scoreboard to display the server name.

    He may have changed servers, but the server that I found him on was this: Multiplay - The Church - Duel 1vs1

  • I was in an FFA server, but it does not matter that very much. As soon as his IP And SteamID gets banned. I really despise cheaters for their cowardice. This person has no belief in himself.

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