Option to toggle vanguard charge

  • Can be set to a key or something, will be able to toggle on and off the vanguard’s charge attack.

    Don’t get me wrong, the charge attack is cool, but it loses some of that appeal when instead of a simple swing you unintentionally go HUAARRGH then get your head lopped off by your opponent. And rather than having to stop sprinting for a moment just to cancel the build-up, simpler solution is just to press a key and disable it, and press it again when you feel like going ape-shit.

  • Manually toggle-able by attacking with a CHOP or STAB instead of LMB slash as far as I know!
    Otherwise you can let go of your shift momentarily.

    I don’t see why extra code should be put for something you can already do yourself. Sorry!

  • Maybe you don’t want to chop/stab? Maybe you want a good nice swing to take out that pesky MAA? Maybe that bit of distance you lose by un-sprinting tangles your tactics a bit? A button to realize all that would be a pretty neat convenience.

    While this is just a nice to have, I doubt having such an option will be very code intensive…

  • @Wangmaster:

    Your probably right on the code part.
    And I personally think its a matter of laziness. Not to say your particular laziness, but in general- laziness of complication. The reason I was against it was because it will make things easier. (See the discussion at this topic: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7428)
    And I don’t want that. I enjoy the complexity of having to stop my sprint and starting it again- and having to master doing that right to get the pesks away.

  • Yeah but logically you won’t stop sprinting just to prevent yourself from HUAARRGHing later on, will you? ;)

  • @Wangmaster:

    Yeah but logically you won’t stop sprinting just to prevent yourself from HUAARRGHing later on, will you? ;)

    Haha! No. I would not do that. But then again the archer can block Wallace’s claymore with his hunting knife that has no appearant cross guard even! I think these are implimented for some game mechanic logic and to promote some form of balance. Aside from that I still stand by my opinion- if you can do it then it needs no auto-fix or auto-toggle. If you dont want to charge, stop sprinting, or just let go of your Shift button for a milisecond. It’s just a milisecond.

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