• This is a sad day, as i met the first (obvious) cheater in chivalry today :/ The guys was using a speedhack, all his movements/attacks were visibly faster. Couldn’t make a vid as i have no fraps (demorec doesnt work or does it?). So all i have is his steam id (and the anti cheater flame others left on his steam profile :D): http://steamcommunity.com/id/sectorius/ . I know you need more proof…but i got none :/ just wanted to report him as i hate cheaters who ruin everyone else’s experience (and who doesnt).

  • Thanks for reporting. You are right that we need more information though. His Steam profile says that he is VAC banned, yet he was still playing with you on a VAC server?

  • Don’t know the server sorry :/ …and I also don’t know if it was vac protected. It was yesterday (22.12.) from 23:00 to 0:00 GMT +1 if this is useful…

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