Black Empty Server List: work around

  • All the server list failings are killing the game, straight up. From misreporting player numbers to showing people in the server for 70+ hours and the server is empty, but nothing is worse than getting the black server list of death. No matter how many times you go back to the main menu or even restart your game, there are no servers listed…. game breaking…

    SO this is a temp work around and it requires you to have friends that are in game and have some basic knowledge of what server they are on and to be able to figure it out. You can join any server, IF, you know the server IP address. To do this you type this into your console; OPEN <ip address="">and it will join you to that server.

    For example you open your console (~ default console key) and type: open
    That would connect you to the current Kila Thunderdome server.

    Now this is where having a friend in game comes in handy. Have them hit <esc>and click <join>, this will bring up their server list, then they can right click on the server they are in and click <info>. That info will give them the server IP address and they can give it to you then you type; OPEN <ip address="">and whalaa, you are in game!

    Yes I know it is a pain in the ass but it works and you can at least play with your friends, providing that you have some.</ip></info></join></esc></ip>

  • If you’re going to advertise your server, do it right. Put the fancy [server] tags around your IP to have it create a link that automagically launches the game and connects to your server. No need for console.

  • You are missing the point, this is to help people who are suffering from the broken in game server list. It is a console command, cvar, work around so that they can actually play the game on any server their friends are in, when their browser is not working, instead of frustratingly quit because no servers show up in their browser list.

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