First Round Testing Videos

  • Hi all, was wondering how everyone felt about the idea that possibly a Dev or select individual could be given the privilege of releasing a let’s play series or something of the sort showing game play of Chivalry?

    That way we all can see the game and it’d help spread the hype around.

  • Yeah that would be really cool !

  • Or if not, then perhaps letting us know a rough ETA for the second testing phase.

    OR ANYTHING to spread the hype as Darbtree put it.

  • Ya like I found out about chivalry from a dev’s vlog on youtube that showed some game play for 2 episodes then stopped it should start up again ^.^

  • Well you know how it is. They are busy balancing game development with life and eating cupcakes.

    So it may not be such a bad idea after all to let a select some one do a LP.

    But then again, soon as one person gets to post footage, whats to stop the rest of the world from posting?

  • Developer

    We want to show you guys the game! We will let fly the media and let everyone release all video when we can. The reason we can’t do that yet is because we are trying to play our cards with the media and media likes stuff that hasn’t been seen before. So its a bit of politics at the moment, probably for the next month and a half or so, after that we can hopefully just spill our guts with media for you guys!

  • That’s gotta be tough with people like me always going

    But I digress, keep it as secret as long as you can. it makes everything as mysterious and exiting! all though… you could do with a few more beta testers (hint hint)

  • @King:

    all though… you could do with a few more beta testers (hint hint)

    ya hint.
    cough hintin the very least obvious of course.

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