Being kicked out of the game

  • players in the game are telling me that there are rules and ill get kicked out of the game for not being able to kill enough of people in the game I find that’s not fair because im new to the game and I not good at playing chivalry that well and im not good at pc games they need to take out kicking players out of game there gonna kick out all the new players that just bought the game and are not good at playing it yet

  • 1. Punctuation is a great tool - use it.

    2. You’ve been lied to.

  • If you were new, my guess is you were spamming swings and hurting your team in the process. That will piss people off, and they will then kick you. While people may be unimpressed with your low score, they won’t really gang up on you and vote you out unless you get in their way.

    If you just bought the game, then you should first complete the tutorial and learn the attacks. Then play against bots if you are having trouble with friendly fire. If you can’t or don’t control your friendly fire, no matter how inexperienced or seasoned you are, you will be kicked.

    ADD: There also is no rule regarding “getting enough kills”, however team-killing/damaging frequently enough leads to the inevitable response of votekick.

  • I kept swinging wild tho because I didn’t want to die

  • My troll-o-metre is ticking.

  • @GhoXen:

    My troll-o-metre is ticking.

    I read that as tickling at first. I got a little uncomfortable :oops:

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