Some game mechanics ideas

  • I’ve been playing since release, and I think Chivalry is a great game.

    Here are some ideas, that I think could be fun to implement in future Chivalry versions (or perhaps Chivalry 2?):

    -weapon damage should depend on which part of the weapon, and in which point of swing arc hit target. For example a sword swing should do most damage when hitting with tip part of the blade, when moving directly in front of swinging character. It would make wild swinging around less effective. At the same time precise strikes in correct weapon distance would be rewarded. This would make situations like: I’m behind vangaurd’s back, he swings his 2handed sword, hits me with the strong part of blade (near his cross guard) at the beginning of the swing and takes my head off less , less probable. The same rule should applied to halberds, axes and other staff weapons even more. It could be done by lowering weapons damage to 50-70% at the whole strike arc, 100% near the sweet spot and 150% at the exact point where blade travels fastest.

    -arrows should start to lose velocity/damage over distance

    -characters that run into thrust should take extra damage

    -weapons should be prone to damage - let say 1% chance of weapon destruction when struck with the same class of weapon, 2% when struck by heavier weapon. Shields should be slowly destroyed by parrying. Axes can have bonus damage vs. shields etc. It would force to use secondary weapon when your main is destroyed.

    -when shield is struck with heavy javelin (pillum) it should be harder/slower to use, after second hit it should be unusable. There should be chance of heavy javelin dealing some damage even through shield, if long shank will reach some part of body (arm or crossbowmen back). When shield is struck with other javelin it should be encumbered but character should be able to shake/cut of javelins (action or kick key?). Javelins should bounce off umbo/boss.

    -customisable armour sets and localised armour values. It could be fun to make few armour sets instead of fixed armour values for each class. It could be like leather/jack, mail, lamelar/scale, and plate armour. The difference would be in weight (character speed) and protection. For example broadheads would penetrate only leather armour, and plates should be immune to all arrows except maybe heavy crossbow, and swords. Arrows should just bounce of plates, maybe doing little stun damage when hitting head. To balance things it should be possible to target visors, joints protected only by mail etc. For example face/throat shots to archer/maa/knight without helmet should kill instantly, but the same shot should just bounce off steel helmet (or sometimes take helmet off). Visor shots should kill as well. Broadhead shots to unprotected thighs should deal massive damage + bleeding if you don’t stop for a while to rest. Maybe new armour sets, and armour pieces for each class could be unlockable. Like leg protections, or possibility to wear extra thick breastplate but no backplate. Of course even full plate knight should still be vulnerable to stunning blows to head, visor/joint shots, balistas, flame pots and other.

    the weapon effects could be something like this
    effect–------------vs leather----------vs mail----------------vs scale-----vs plate

    daggers-----------light damage—none (except stiletto)-----none-------none
    light 1h blade------damage---------------stun------------------none-------none
    heavy 1h blade—heavy damage-----Heavy damage---------stun--------none
    2h blade----------heavy damage------heavy damage-------damage------none
    maces------------heavy damage------extra damage--------damage-----stun/light damage
    axes--------------heavy damage------heavy damage-------damage-----stun
    polearms---------heavy damage------heavy damage-------damage-----damage
    arrows broadheads----damage------------none---------------none--------none
    arrows bodkin-----heavy damage-----heavy damage------damage------none/light damage
    arrows crossbow–heavy damage-----heavy damage------damage----none/light damage
    javelins----------heavy damage------heavy damage-------damage-------stun
    heavy javelin----heavy damage------heavy damage------damage -------damage

    -thrusts can be more effective vs mail/leather but make less stun damage. Plate limb protection is not as effective (thick) as breastplate

    -stun damage from blows to armour that can regenerate even when sprinting. When stun damage accumulates and eats out health bar, a character is stunned on the ground for few (10-20?) seconds and can be finished. Maybe other players can shorten this time by reviving fallen comrade. Bonus stun damage with blows to the head.

    -archers should have option to have different arrow types on battlefield, and change it as they like (for example 15 bodkins, 10 broadheads, 5 flame arrows {to start objectives fires})

    -wound effects - players hit in arms drop weapons/shields, hit in head -blood covers part of screen, some graphic effect for dizzines, hit in legs - cant sprint for few seconds/limp, hit in stomach - pukes when no enemy is near. Less health you have more severe the effect. It would add some flavour to taking damage.

    • weapons should physically interact with character models. Strikes should bounce off/slide from armour throwing the enemy in the blow direction or penetrate armour and cut into flesh (shallow cut=minor wound, deep cut=death). Maybe even introduce blows that can do so much damage (for example vertical 2 handed sword blow to lightly armoured enemy or vangard rush attack with spear piercing enemy completely) that the weapon is stuck in enemy and have to be taken out of flesh by force (kick?) or abandoned/switch to secondary if there is no time.

    -new stationary weapons like early arrow shooting cannons or greek fire syphon

    New maps ideas:
    -after breaching city walls, plundering city (with running peasantry/townspeople) and attacking upper keep/castle. Maybe whole new map or second part of map where blue knights escort bombard.

    -sea battle where a lot of ships are tied together by cables/chains (like battle of Sluys) and others (waves of attackers) are closing in. After initial missle fight there should be ship to ship melee. Objectives could be to cut cables/chain of several ships and then destroy them with balistas, or to conquer big flag ship surrounded by smaller units.

    Sorry for any grammar errors.

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