First world problems for the devs!

  • First i would like to thank the Developers for an awesome game and for taking time to read this.
    Here are some suggestions and observations:

    Weapon configurations reset every time you open the class selection screen.
    Weapons should stick so you only have to select what you want to change.

    Please make the double tap dodge an option or let us set it down to 0 ms in the input menu.

    Polearm facehugging slashes and oveheads should not be possible.
    I’m guessing this is because the weapons “deadly” part includes the shaft of the polearm. This could perhaps be changed by shortening the “deadly” part of the polearm closer to the tip. Let people use precision and distancing for slashes and overhead.

    Please improve kick responsiveness and registration.
    _It sometimes takes several seconds before a kick happens, while other times it’s near instant. And everything inbetween is a guessing game.
    People get stuck in the ground around rocks and treestumps on several maps.

    Hatchet overhead has too high attack speed for its damage.
    Needs to be balanced to make other weapons viable for MAA.

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