Mouse runs slow

  • just purchase the game, but in the menu and during combat training my mouse movement was terribly laggy and made the game un-playable. I have AMD six-core fx-6120 processor, 10GB DDR3 system memory, and radeon HD 7450 Graphics Card with 1BG DDR3 dedicated memory. I tried turning the settings to the low possibility and still nothing, i knew my pc would be able to atleast play this game with maybe some lag, but didnt expect this much. can anyone help?

  • Did you try increasing the mouse sensitivity in the game options?

  • yes i have it seemed liked it helped a little but it was still really bad

  • @roiaragorn:

    yes i have it seemed liked it helped a little but it was still really bad

    Is it better now? Can you play on a multiplayer server okay?

  • no, i havnt found anything to help it yet either :/ im gonna have to get used to high sensitivity, if it was a just a little bit better it would be playable…

  • Does your mouse have the option on it to make it more sensitive and what not? I know I accidentally hit the button on mine every so often, so I just have to adjust it when it gets a bit TOO sensitive.

    Also, google about “mouse acceleration” and see if that helps you out. Some little hidden things out there.

  • Go here:


    Look at the “mouse sucks” part near the bottom. It’s because of the OneFrameThreadLag field in the .ini.

    Or at least, this is the most common reason why the mouse is laggy.

  • i just tried it and the mouse is still just as slow

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