A very crude but unique map concept

  • Ok do here is the basics. The Agathia Knights are on a large boat traveling down a river with some Mason Order prisoners stored in the bottom of the ship. On the way to the Agathia base down the river they are ambushed by the Mason Order! The Agathian ship is armed with 4 ballistas stored on the middle deck of the ship to help fight off invaders. The Mason Order has some trick of their own though. They have positioned 4 siege weapons along the river to aid in their efforts.[attachment=0:3gnrujqf]crude.JPG[/attachment:3gnrujqf]

    The light blue is the boats path. The brown is the boat The six red circles are Mason spawns in accordance with where the boat is. Arrows are the position of ballistas. The three brown lines are overhanging logs that the Mason can use to board the ship. (Entering the river is death.) Lastly, the blue circles in the top right are Agathian towers that will fire arrows at any Mason trying to enter the base.

    So, ideas?

  • Sounds kinda… restricted.
    Agatha would be way too hard to defend.
    How big would the ship be?

  • it sounds too quick it depends on how fast the ship moves and the length of the river etc.

  • I like the concept maybe if it was a “push the cart” like objective where you have to stand somewhere on the boat for it to move. But it should only be 1 phase of the map not the entire map.

  • It’s definitely interesting, but it needs work I guess. Logically :P

  • A few comments:

  • I like the idea very much. Though I doubt any Medieval ship could be large enough to accomadate two teams spawning and fighting on board while aslo making room for some sort of brig for the prisoners.

    It might work better if the first Mason objective was to grappel the ship to stop its movement and then they spawn closer to it in order to board.

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